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Busy little bugger that I am, I work for NRU Internet (formerly Aljan.Net) and for APANA Hunter AND for Jamida IT in Sydney. I'm System Administrator at all three sites and in general enjoy being an admin, though it's stressful at times.

If you're wondering what the heck a System Administrator is, he's the computer geek who first of all sets up services (like the modem you dial into at your ISP, the mailbox you check every 15 minutes, the webpages you like to view, and lots of less noticed but more important services like DNS and SMTP) .. then keeps them running efficiently, correcting any problems as they come up.
When I'm adminning, my programming roots almost always show through and make me program a script to do this, debug the program that's currently doing that wrong, and completely replace this over here.

As for TAFE, I'm getting an Information Technology Certificate III partially to make it easier to get into another more interesting course at TAFE (C Programming IV maybe?) but mostly just to "have a piece of paper"

I'm interested in finding work as a SysAdmin, Programmer, or even as an Operator. Something around the Newcastle or Maitland area of New South Wales would be optimal but I'm willing to move to just about anywhere in Australia given sufficient notice and incentive.

You can find my Resume and work experience details over on the CV page, or email me at