The Gerard Ashworth / Radical Sheikh Graphics Sampler
Several years ago, Australian 'Underground Comix auteur' Gerard Ashworth, gave me the go-ahead to put a sample of his wares in front of the ignorant masses. The best response came from the 'Furry Fandom' crowd-- who went absolutely bugfuck that someone would dare to draw anthropomorphs that they couldn't masturbate to. Gerard and I were immensly pleased.
I've not heard from Gerard for several years now, and several friends are in the same situtation. So if you have any wereabouts information for GA, we'd love to know. Email Chris Baird <> if you can.
If the images here look unusual or otherwise do not load properly, the likely cause will be your web browser not supporting the "PNG" image format.



stand-alone WSK vignettes


that may explain a few things


Gerard was known for being generous and including original art freebies with his correspondence.


parts of a story, you give you the Essence du Ashworth.


from "Weird Stress Kittens"


individual pages from random issues of WSK