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December 19, 2004

Earth leakage unit tripped out today during the thunderstorm. Power was restored straight away but it took about 5 minutes for bombadil to fully reboot.

December 09, 2004

Two massive power discharges at 1.20am this morning - looked like sheet lightning out in the street - apparently disrupted giles and put it in single-user mode. This prevented it from accepting any logins until it was noticed and rebooted around 11am. No-one called to tell us about it and it was only because I was at a member's place trying to dial in that the problem was picked up as early as it was. It appears that I need to stress again that if any member has a problem connecting they should ring me immediately on 4954 8912.

October 25, 2004

Many thanks to those who attended yesterday's BBQ, ARGM and RC meetings all went smoothly and a satisfying day was had by all. The following members were elected to serve the region for the next 12 months:

Regional Co-ordinator:  Laura Seabrook

Deputy Regional Co-ord: Marc Walters

Ordinary Members: Ross Slade Chris Baird Helen Donaldson Nikki Slade

MC Representative: Laura Seabrook

(See Committee page for contact details)

September 29, 2004