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September 01, 2002

Regional Committee Meeting today at 21 Reservoir Road, Glendale at 2pm! Anyone's welcome to attend!

July 19, 2002

Early this morning there was a hardware failure on Cray, the mailing-list server. Fortunately there was a backup and a replacement harddrive on hand, but in the process of fixing that system I accidently knocked the power from Bombadil (web proxy/server) and Kildall (usenet)..

May 31, 2002

There are now two auxillary "rate limited" web proxy settings for considerate members to use when downloading large files. "" is the "slow pipe" that varies its rate according to the time of day, and is good for download managers to use. "" is intended for members who are doing a lot of web-surfing, but who want to leave some bandwidth for others to use. There should soon be a page on the APANA/Hunter main website site explaining these in better detail...

May 13, 2002

Members can now "safely" place very large files in their Web space for other APANA/Hunter members to access, but preventing others on the Internet trying to download these over our 'slow' network connection for days on end. To do this, place the files in a directory called "local_only". Our web server is now configured to refuse access with "/local_only/" in the URL to external users. For example, only local members should be able to access this short video of someone's computer hardrives-turned-loudspeakers: (If this does not work for you, please check your browser settings and make certain it uses the proxy at port 8080.) By all means, members are encouraged to (legally) put on-line any files they've downloaded that may be interesting to others...

April 12, 2002

This Saturday morning at 2am, the machines Bombadil and Giles will be shut-down to have their network cards replaced. It should not take more than 30 minutes before everything is working again.

April 10, 2002

The coax gremlins struck once again at approximately 2am on Wednesday morning, disconnecting everyone and otherwise taking the network down. An attempt was once again made to move those remaining hub machines (Giles and Bombadil) onto the 10BaseT hub, but it was discovered, after 2 hours of testing, that _none_ of the donated ethernet cards worked. (So, if anyone would like some techno-targets to take to the shooting range this weekend, please email me for a whole stack of dud network cards that you can have for free...)

April 09, 2002

From approx 7:30pm until 10pm Monday evening, the APANA/Hunter network went down due to a hardware problem (that was eventually traced to a dodgy coax cable). The downtime was longer than was probably necessary, as I {cjb} had decided to try and replace the flaky coax-based Ethernet with a twisted-pair based network, using a 16 port network hub that would make future problems like this easier to solve. This took a bit too long to debug, so I had to reinstall the coax.