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December 7, 1999

APANA membership fees will rise to $12 per year as of 1/1/2000. Anyone who joins or renews their membership before then will not be required to pay the increased rate. There will be no increase in Hunter regional access fees.

November 24, 1999

The installation of the two new permanent connections to the hub is completed. The 14.4K modem has once again been retired and all modems on the dialins are now either 56K or 33.6K.

November 21, 1999

At the RC meeting last Sunday, the boot policy was revised. A mandatory 1 hour 'rest period' now follows disconnection by the boot script and reconnections within an hour of a voluntary disconnect will include the length of time of the previous session for boot script purposes.

November 13, 1999

REMINDER: The next Regional Committee Meeting will be held tomorrow (Sunday, November 14th) at 2pm at Carolyn's place (21 Reservoir Rd, Glendale). All members and prospective members and their families are invited to attend a BYO barbeque lunch which will precede the meeting from 12pm to 2pm. Any member with problems is invited to bring along their computer for a 'fix-it' session after the meeting.

October 19, 1999

The Annual General Regional Meeting will be held next Sunday (October 24th) at 11am at Carolyn's place. A quorum of 5 members is required for the meeting to be held. All members and prospective members and their families are invited to attend for a barbeque lunch following the meeting. Any member with problems is invited to bring along their computer for a 'fix-it' session after lunch. Those members with young children might be interested to know that Macquarie College (within a short walking distance from here) is having a Fun/Open Day that same afternoon from 1pm to 3pm.

October 18, 1999

The severe electrical storm experienced earlier tonight caused disruption to services for about an hour when we lost service from both our ISP links. The system was taken down to ensure the protection of all our equipment for a short-time during the height of the storm.

September 21, 1999

Nominations for the 1999/2000 Regional Committee will be displayed here as they are received. A complete list of all the nominees will be mailed to each member and posted to the apana.hunter.general group on Sunday October 17th at the close of nominations.

September 12, 1999

The next meeting of Hunter's Regional Committee will be held at Carolyn's place (21 Reservoir Road, Glendale) at 2pm on Sunday September 19th, 1999. All members or prospective members of the region wishing to attend will be welcomed.

July 21, 1999

Once again we have recovered from a prolonged period of invisibility to the outside world caused by the failure of Ozemail's Newcastle servers. However during this period our members experienced only a short loss of external access. It didn't take long for our backup link to be activated for everything except incoming mail, thanks to the workarounds implemented by our excellent Admin Team.

July 18, 1999

Sorry about that, folks. We're back, and the disks are clean again. Everything should be running stable again. We still need to "fix" our news service, but this shouldn't cause any interruption, not even to news itself.

July 16, 1999

Okay, the mailflood is pretty much over - there are only a couple of hundred emails at a time now. The admins are going to try to get some work done on the hub this weekend. If so it will mean a few hours more downtime for the webserver, proxy and POP mailboxes and possibly a short period to reboot giles (the dialin server)

July 16, 1999

Yes, Bombadil (, www.hunter, news.hunter, proxy.hunter, etc) has been down. Yes it's back up.. sort of.
Bombadil still hasn't completely recovered from its injury last week, we'll probably have to operate (this weekend?). Both Bombadil and Giles (mail.hunter) have an obscene amount of email to process, if everyone could lay off the Ozemail link for a while everything will come together a lot sooner.

June 25, 1999

Renovations to the computer room are now completed and provided all the equipment keeps operating as desired, there are no more downtimes anticipated before our new mailserver arrives around July 16th.

June 24, 1999

Painting of the computer room has commenced and all the equipment is covered by dropsheets at the moment. Every endeavour will be made to keep the system operating during the 24 to 48 hours that it'll take to complete the renovations but it may be necessary to take the system down at short notice if there are any problems. If the system does go down I'll take that opportunity to do some equipment rearranging which may take me up to an hour to complete.

June 18, 1999

At the RC meeting last Sunday, it was decided to discontinue the 30 day trial for new APANA members. In its place new members will be offered a 3 month trial period but required to pay $50 for their access for the duration of their trial. The joining fee for new members is now $60 - $10 for membership of APANA and $50 for 3 month's access. If the new member decides to remain with us his second payment will be the balance of either a half-yearly or yearly contribution to the region's operating costs. In the event that during that trial period the new member has been unable to connect to our system then the access component of the joining fee will be refunded. New members currently trialling our system under the previous scheme can elect to be covered by the new scheme by paying their $50 within 7 days or staying with the old scheme which requires them to pay $100 within a month of the creation of their account.

June 14, 1999

The generosity of our members now means that we have SIX 56K and TWO 33.6K modems connected to our dialin lines - the 14.4K is finally taking a well-earned rest. We have also been offered the loan of a UPS to see if will help with our power problems; the donation of a 386 already configured as a mailserver and a 486 motherboard which could possibly be used to upgrade the 386. MANY THANKS to Andrew, Gavin, Chris and Marc for once again coming to the region's rescue in our hour of need.

May 20, 1999

Shortly after 2.05pm today, all phone lines in my immediate area went out. Telstra have been notified but it appears to be a line problem (since my neighbours are also affected) which means that it probably won't be fixed until Friday morning. Telstra are at the moment testing the lines and service will be resumed as soon as possible....which is when you'll be able to read this announcement.

May 14, 1999

Our boot policy implemented last month appears to be working very well in ensuring that there is always a line free for another member to connect. If at anytime you encounter an engaged signal or ringout and are unable to connect within 10 minutes then this will most likely indicate that one of the modems has not reset properly. If this happens to you then please ring Carolyn on 4954 8912 immediately so that it can be remedied.

April 16, 1999

In total disbelief (verging on the point of absolute horror) our sysadmin discovered yesterday that our online application form for membership has been accepting applications; notifying the applicant of successful lodgement and then not forwarding it on. Since we've already received 3 applications since it was fixed, I can only guess at how many people must think us totally ignorant. :-(

To anyone who has submitted an application and then heard nothing more, my deepest apologies.

We still are accepting new members so (if you can forgive us) please fill out the application form again or contact Carolyn directly.

April 5, 1999

A new boot policy has (finally) been implemented. It uses your average daily connect time over the current month and last month to decide who gets booted, and you are only guaranteed three hours of connect time before being considered bootable once the lines become full.

April 1, 1999

New CD in the drive - check it out. If you missed out on seeing the previous one then let me know . I'll send you an index of its contents from which you can make your selection.

March 26, 1999

Lots of software now available locally - check it out.

March 24, 1999

We NEED more members. Enquire about a Trial Membership for your friends and relatives now by contacting the Regional Co-ordinator.

March 6, 1999

Next RC meeting will be held tomorrow. Check out apana.hunter.general newsgroup or ask me for details of time, place and agenda. Everyone welcome!

January 19, 1999

I don't know how stable it is yet, but Ozemail's routing has been corrected. We now return to our regularly scheduled programming..

January 19, 1999

We're currently copping the smelly end of an Ozemail routing problem again. All traffic internal to APANA Hunter is obviously still fine, and we've managed to keep most WWW traffic accessable via Kastlore. Everything else (IRC, ICQ, live news, incoming/outgoing email, etc) is inaccessable until Ozemail sort out their routing.

January 15, 1999

Check out the contenders for our regional logo here.

January 2, 1999

All 8 rotary modems appear to be working properly again now. Please report any problems with connects to the Regional Co-ordinator.

January 1, 1999

HAPPY NEW YEAR! In the past week, we've lost another power supply and the 6th dialin line has stopped working. Telstra have been contacted but advise that it probably won't be fixed before Monday. I've asked for them to take that number out of the rotary until it is fixed so that there'll be 7 working lines on the rotary instead of the current 5. However, I can't tell if that's been done or not yet, so if on subsequent connects you try to dialin in and get a ring-out please try either 4954 7861 or 4954 7851.