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December 28, 1998

More news news.. dnewsweb, the web-based newsreader, is back again for those of you into that sort of thing (ugh). Only apana.* is available from it, if you feel anything else should be accessible through this mail admin@hunter. Also all Usenet, BOFHnet, 2senet and APANA internal news should be totally online again by now. If you want access to Usenet2 contact admin@hunter for a password.

December 21, 1998

News is kind of half-way back up - our newsgroup list was lost though so any groups that we normally pull in that haven't had any traffic in the past week or so aren't being pulled any more.
If a local group you read seems to be missing, mail
Similarly if you get a UUCP or NNTP newsfeed from us, mail so we can re-establish it.

December 21, 1998

While tracing down the news server problem, some pretty major filesystem corruption was found and fixed. Both nntpcache itself and INN's (local news server) configs were sitting on a particularly crispy area of the hard drive and are going to have to be reinstalled. This is a pretty major undertaking, but should be finished within a few days as long as we all hold hands and keep the good karma flowing. <:-}

November 25, 1998

The proxies are there and they are working. Please use them, it will be better (and faster) for you, and better and faster for others.


November 6, 1998

The rotary has been fixed (thanks to our "friends" at Telstra!) so please dial (02) 4954 8168. All the other numbers are false and won't work.

There is a new proxy up and running called 'Junkbuster'. It's setup on port 8000 if anyone is interested to try it. It filters out most ads, banners and the like (quicker transfers). And it stops your browser from sending "referral" and "email" tags which makes for better privacy. You can still use port 8080 cause that isn't going anywhere.

November 5, 1998

The Relocation has been a success and we are now back to an almost working hub.

But one thing. While we have 4 modems connected and ready, the first two seem to be the only ones connected to the rotary. So please use these numbers until Telstra sorts themselves out:-

Line 4 - 4954 7309
Line 3 - 4954 7301
Line 2 - 4954 7214 (on rotary - this number shouldn't be needed)
Line 1 - 4954 8168 (The [supposed] rotary)

Please dial downward from modem 4 so other members who don't know about this have a chance to connect. Hopefully this will be fixed soon.

New Members

We are now accepting new members to join APANA in the hunter. If you would like to join or find out more information click HERE!

October 30, 1998

We WILL be relocating tomorrow morning at 11am. Please make sure all your files have been backed up or you have made previous arrangements with someone to do so for you. This has to be done by 11am, 31st October. Also, we will be offline for most of the day, if not all the day and possibly Sunday but this is necessary to relocate.

New configuration:

Phone Number: (02) 4954 8168
Name Server/IP:

All other setting are to remain the same except for maybe the proxy...will get back to you on this.

Remember that it could take all weekend to do the relocation so if you can't connect Saturday night or Sunday then try on Monday.

August 14th, 1998

We will be relocating the APANA/Hunter hub on Saturday 22nd August, 1998. The new dialin number will be (02) 4954 8168.

Note that the contents of user home directories will not be backed up - your incoming mail will be, but not any archives or web pages unless specifically arranged in advance. So you should make sure you make a copy of any data you've got on attila before the relocation.

We hope to be finished by 6pm, barring unforseen problems, but that's the thing about unforseen problems...

May 5th, 1998

All news is flowing correctly now.

There may be some mail downtime later today as I migrate both machines to sendmail 8.8.8 plus obtuse.

Mail update: the switch has been done. Mail to user@praetor goes to praetor, mail to user@attila goes to attila. You should all be using addresses of the form

Note that you'll need to change the POP server you get your mail from. First, clear out what's left on praetor, then switch to using attila for your new mail.

April 24th, 1998

News is partially back up. We're receiving apana.* and net.*, but are not yet feeding news back out (however, your posts will get out eventually).

Update: everything but net.* is now being fed out.

Also: you may need to unsubscribe then resubscribe from your newsgroups as the article numbers have been reset.

April 23rd, 1998

News is down while I swich us back to INN - it's better suited to handly all the UUCP we'll be doing. Should be back up in a few hours.

April 22nd, 1998

We'll be losing our current newsfeeds over the coming weekend. The replacement will have to be fairly minimal, so members should read the post in apana.hunter.general, and proceed accordingly.

April 19th, 1998

It looks like Dragon have gone off and blocked a ton of ports. For web browsing, you should temporarily change your proxy to, port 8080 (if you don't, you won't be able to use CGI pages).

We're sure Dragon will fix the http block, but the others are not so certain (FYI, they've blocked FTP and UUCP as well, and probably some others that we haven't noticed yet).

So there's a bit of a discussion going on in apana.hunter.committee about what to do about it. Since this affects all members, we encourage you to check it out and make your contribution.

10th April 1998

Looks like Frodo (Dragon's main gateway) is damaged - this would have to happen on Good Friday...

14th March 1998

The next meeting of the Hunter RC has been set for 28th March, at 2PM. Keep an eye on apana.hunter.announce for details (including the ever-changing agenda).

Also - expect some mail outages over the next few days as we switch praetor away from qmail.

8th March 1998

Dragon have increased the number of (working) lines on their Newcastle POP to 24. They have also increased the capacity of their Newcastle to Sydney link from 128k to 256k. Try not to use it all at once.

26th February 1998

  1. PPP should now be fixed. For some reason, pppd has ocassionally failed to deallocate it's IP address when a user hangs up. PPP is now run from a wrapper script which deallocates the IP if necessary before starting pppd.
  2. New web access stats are available (see the navigation bar for a link).

15th February 1998

Three items:

  1. Line utilization stats are now available
  2. Our Usenet 2 feed is flakey. For some reason, our primary feed cannot connect to us. Investigations are proceeding.
  3. Homepage hit reports now available

If you'd like a daily report of all hits on your homepage, mail me.

3rd January 1998

Lots for this entry - this is the first ever, so there are a few things.

Fees for 1998
         The fee structure has been revised, to provide extra flexibility and to help make the new          PA sites (more at a later date) competitive/viable.

There are now three fee components:

National membership $10
Regional membership $40
Hub usage $100

Everyone using our network must be a member (the two membership fees - total $50). If you want to use the hub, then that's an extra $100.

This may seem a little extreme at first, but there will soon (next few months) be at least one alternate access point (a PA) offering a different mix of price and usage options.

New stuff on the website
A bunch of new things - check out the "Newsgroups" option on the left - this lets you read our local newsgroups without using a newsreader.

Other new things include the revised colour-scheme (comments please!), and this news page.

Downtime, hardwdare hassles, etc We've had some real "fun" over the last month or so with hardware failures. The current position:

  • "attila" is a temporary replacement machine provided by the original supplier. it is a 486DX4/100 - about the same speed as the original. The replacement seems stable enough.
  • The 4G news disk appears to be faulty. We're investigating further, and will probably return it for replacement soon.
  • All mailboxes are currently on "praetor". Once the "attila" problems are sorted, they will be moved back there. Watch this page for notification.

Equipment purchases

We're purchasing a Cyclades 8-Yo intelligent serial board from the ACT Region. Once it is in place, it should improve serial performance. There haven't been any serious serial problems so far, but with permlinks going in over the next few months, problems are likely without the new serial board.