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You're probably here because you received an email that looked something like this:

From: <>
To: <>
Subject: APANA Hunter User Accounting

You were killed at <date and time> for 60 minutes.

First of all - don't worry, you didn't do anything wrong! This is just an automatic email from one of APANA Hunter's system monitoring scripts, letting you know that all of our dialin lines were in use and because of your 'boot weight' you were chosen as the user to be disconnected ('killed')

"for 60 minutes" means that if you attempt to reconnect within 60 minutes of the time you were killed you'll be immediately disconnected - the idea is that you've already been connected so stay off for a while and let someone else have a go.

The program code that calculates your 'boot weight' (which is likely to change very soon) currently looks like this:
($n refers to your username)

It's (roughly) calculating an average number of minutes you've been connected per day since the beginning of last month. The more time you spend online, the more likely you are to be booted.

Current boot policy has a 180 minute 'guaranteed connect time'. No matter what your boot weight is, you won't be disconnected if you've been connected for less than the guaranteed connect time. Again, the guaranteed connect time is likely to change at any time.

You can view your current boot weight along with everyone else's at
A brief explanation of the showweights page follows. (usernames and weights are examples only)

Boot priority Booted users
1:  keiths with weight 163
2:  meoliver with weight 44
3:  pik with weight 166 (in 48 minutes)
4:  aclarke with weight 227 (in 129 minutes)
5:  dazshaz with weight 127 (in 156 minutes)
6:  davgar with weight 36 (in 159 minutes)
7:  baron with weight 265 (in 160 minutes)
8:  peterbrd with weight 59 (in 179 minutes)
psilo @22:09:30

keiths and meoliver are the only users connected who have so far used more than their guaranteed connect time. keiths is #1 on the boot priority since his weight (163) is highest out of the two people who've exceeded their guaranteed connect time. pik, aclarke and baron all have higher weights, but none of them are eligible for booting yet because they haven't yet reached their guaranteed connect time.

The users in white haven't yet reached their guaranteed connect time and instead of being sorted by their boot weight are sorted in the order that they will become candidates for booting.

The message on the right shows that psilo was booted at 10:09pm and therefore won't be able to reconnect until 11:09pm. When he's able to reconnect his name will be removed from the 'Booted users' list.