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APANA® Organisational Membership Application Form

(Last updated - 22 January 2005)
Australian Public Access Network Association Inc.
ARBN 081 355 722
VRN A0026600C

NOTE: All Organisational membership applications are subject to approval by the Regional Committee. This web form automatically sends you a copy of the application form as well as sending it directly to the Treasurer and the Regional Committee of the region you have selected. If there are any errors or omissions on the copy you receive or you have any questions please contact the Treasurer by email, fax (02 4954 7879) or phone (02 4954 8912). Upon receipt of this form a member of the Regional Committee will contact you to discuss in detail conditions for membership. Do not submit any payment before your organisation's application has been accepted by the Regional Committee. Once accepted please submit payment in accordance with the details at the bottom of the emailled application form if these details are correct. If those details are not correct then please complete a new application with the corrected details. Once payment has been confirmed by the Treasurer, the Regional Committee will be notified to arrange your organisation's connection to APANA's network.

APANA® is the Australian Public Access Network Association Inc. (ARBN 081 355 722, VRN A0026600C). Application for membership can be made by completing this form in full and clicking on the "Submit This Application Form" below or by printing out the text version, completing it and mailing it to the address below.

Completion of this form alone does not endow the applicant with any rights of membership or access to any member services or facilities.

This form is for organisational membership only.  Individuals wishing to apply for membership of APANA should use the Individual Membership form instead.

All correspondence should be sent to:

                                 APANA Inc.
                                 P.O. Box 245
                                 Victoria 3108
On receipt of payment an email receipt will be sent to the address you provide below. In order to contain costs, printed receipts will only be sent via regular mail on request.


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Have you previously applied to join APANA? Yes No

Have you previously been a member of APANA? Yes No


The following information is required for APANA membership records and for us to contact you should the need arise. It will not be disclosed to third parties, without your written consent, except where required by law. Portions of this information will be recorded in our membership register which is available for public inspection, by law, upon request to the secretary.  Phone numbers will not be made available for public inspection.  Access to phone numbers will be restricted to APANA administrative personnel only.

As required by law (Associations Incorporation Act 1981 [Vic] and the Australian Securities and Investments Commission), this information will be permanently recorded in the membership database.

At all times any member of APANA and their guests will have access to your membership number, your name, the region you are a member of, whether you are a financial member or not, and your email address.

* Please indicate the APANA Region you wish to join:
  (Please check here before selecting region.)

* Organisation Name:
* Postal Address:
* Postcode:

* Business Hours Phone Number:
* After Hours Phone Number:
* Contact E-mail address:

The organisation must nominate a person to be its representative in all dealings with APANA. This person will be responsible for ensuring that the organisation complies with all APANA rules, acceptable use and other policies and directions from the APANA management committees.

* Representative's Name:
* Postal Address:
* Postcode:

* Business Hours Phone Number:
* After Hours Phone Number:
* Contact E-mail address:

The representative's information will not be available to people other than the APANA administrative personnel.


This declaration is required before your application for membership of APANA can be processed. Please be sure that you have read and understood both the Rules of Membership and the Network Acceptable Use Policy, included with any supplied information kit or via the World Wide Web site listed below, before signing this declaration.

APANA Network Acceptable Use Policy Rules of APANA Inc.

http://www.apana.org.au/AUP.html http://www.apana.org.au/Rules.html

I certify that the above personal and organisational details are true and correct and that I have been provided with a copy of the APANA rules of membership and the APANA network acceptable use policy and that I agree on behalf of the organisation to abide by the conditions contained in those documents along with any new or altered policies or conditions which may from time to time be determined by the Management Committee of APANA.

* Signed:
* Position:

Connection Setup Details

Preferred username for your connection  

Most regions have their connection setup details on their website and/or they will be sent to you following receipt of confirmation of your membership.

You should have checked your regions website already, but if you haven't you should do that now:
ACTBrisbaneHunterMelbourneNationalNorthern Wollongong
PerthSouth AustraliaSydney National MA-Site Melbourne MA-Sites

Fee Schedule

Note: APANA is not an Internet Service Provider (ISP). It is a Computer Networking club with its own private network. Each region is comprised of Computer and Internet Users groups made up of APANA members. On request by the regions, APANA negotiates contracts with commercial ISPs on behalf of its Internet User group members. The fees listed below comprise 'one share' of the costs involved under existing contracts and the more members a region has the less that 'share' will cost. This is the reason that the cost of a particular connection varies between regions. All existing contracts with their direct impact on fees are regularly reviewed by the Regional Committee and changed if needed to ensure that members receive value for their money. As a consequence over time if membership levels of the regional Internet Users group increase and/or market costs for supply of these services decline, the fees below will be reduced. So if you don't think these fee structures warrant you considering joining APANA at this time, please bookmark this page and come back every couple of months to see if your local APANA Internet User group has introduced what you are looking for by then. Or better yet, fill in this application form and tell us what you want and your local APANA Internet Users group will endeavour to help you find it.

Fees are as follows:

  1. The APANA Membership Fee ($12.00) is payable yearly in advance by all members. (This fee is used to cover the administration costs of APANA and to help support any region with cashflow problems for short periods)
  2. Three regions have Regional Membership Fees (payable yearly): Brisbane ($60.00) & Ex-Brisbane ($75); Melbourne ($18.00) and South Australia ($53.00). (This fee is used to cover costs involved in maintaining the regional hubs)
  3. Some regions have Setup Fees (payable in advance) for particular connections or additional services. Please check your region's website for more information. These are 'one-off' payments. (This fee is used to cover the cost of setting up a member's new connection with the ISP used by each region)
  4. Type of connection desired:

    Available Nationally:

    1. The rates for ADSL in the Hunter Region only apply to members who complete an "Authority to Deduct from Credit Card" form or pay all fees yearly in advance. Otherwise National rates apply.

    2. Northern Wollongong Region has recently ceased providing members with dialup services due to the failure to fill the vacancy for a local Network System Adminstrator. Any member who is within the local call zone of Waterfall (which includes the Northern Wollongong area) should apply instead to join the Sydney Region.

    3. Casual dialup connections are available in Melbourne via Member Access Sites. Fees for such connections are set by the MA-site operators and paid directly to them. Applicants desiring this type of connection can choose either to belong to the Melbourne Region or National Region. Please select either Melbourne or National as your region above and the corresponding MA-Site plan. (The Treasurer will forward a copy of your application to the MA-Site operator/s who will then contact you with further details.)

    4. If you live outside the local call zone for any region listed (anywhere in Australia), you can select Ex-Brisbane as your region; Perth's 56K dialup; South Australia's VPN plan; any ADSL plan or join as a National Member Only. These plans are also available to members within other regional local call zones. If 56K (V90) dialup is not offered by your local region - select your local region but choose one of Perth's 56K plans.

    5. If you couldn't find the type of connection or payment frequency you were after, then other options (not listed) are available. Provided fees remain in advance, part-payments in any amount for all regions are acceptable. Please detail the connection you want and/or any other questions you'd like to ask:


    The email that you receive after submitting this form will indicate the itemised cost of all fees that you have indicated are applicable to your desired connection. This is merely a rough guide to the initial payment required (if you choose to join APANA) before your new connection is activated. The Treasurer will advise you by phone of discrepancies (if any) between the amount stated in that email and the correct fees that will apply.

    Payment Options

    Is a tax invoice required for initial payment? Yes No

    APANA members can choose or alternate between the following methods for payment (please indicate the preferred option for your initial payment in the event that you choose to join APANA):

    Pay by cheque or money order made payable to APANA Inc. by post

      to APANA Inc., PO Box 245, Doncaster VIC 3108
      to Treasurer, APANA Inc., 21 Reservoir Road, Glendale NSW 2285

    Pay using online banking:

      by Direct Bank Transfer

    Pay in person:

      by Direct Deposit at any branch of the Commonwealth Bank (email details of deposit and branch number to Treasurer)
      by Automatic Direct Deposit from your account
      Hunter Region members can make payments at Treasurer's home address by arrangement.
      Brisbane Region members can make payments directly to Brisbane's Financial Officer by arrangement (if you select this option, Brisbane's Financial Officer will contact you).
      other regions may be able to provide this option by arrangement (if you select this option, your region's Financial Officer will contact you).

    Volunteer Positions

    APANA is entirely run by volunteers - no member receives any rewards (apart from personal satisfaction) for the work that we do in providing our respective communities with the opportunity to be part of a National (and Local) network of 'computer savvy' individuals willing to share their knowledge, experience and the facilities they provide for themselves with others.

    If your organisation is 'like-minded' is there any area in which we may be of assistance to you or do you have any suggestions for mutually beneficial ventures we could undertake in co-operation with each other?

    NB: Membership of APANA is mandatory for all volunteers.

    APANA Email Contacts

    ACTBrisbaneHunterMelbourneNationalNorthern Wollongong
    PerthSouth AustraliaSydneyMembershipPaymentsOfficers

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