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Membership is available to individuals and non-profit organisations.

An individual interested in joining us should first read our Acceptable Use Policy, our Terms and Conditions, and our Rules.

If you're still interested, the next step is to fill out our online Application Form. You should answer all of the questions on the form as your answers will help the Regional Committee (RC) decide how best to accommodate your needs.

Non-profit organisations should complete the Organisational Application form.

Please note that APANA is a volunteer-run, non-commercial, non-profit organisation. We are primarily a Computer Networking Club and as a group share the same Internet connection. We are not Internet Service Providers. With ISP's you pay only for your connection with limited free support. We only ask that you become an APANA member before providing support with any computer related problem - you do not have to pay for a connection to our network before that support is provided.

To assist members with computer problems we hold a fix-it day every second month on the day of the RC meeting to which members can bring their computers for help or find out more about computers and/or how to maintain their computers themselves from other members. Inhouse help is unfortunately only available where a member with those skills needed lives close-by or volunteers to travel to help another member, but email and phone support is freely available. Urgent hands-on help is available at the hub between the hours of 9am and 10pm most days. Bring us your computer, join as an APANA Member for 12 months and if we can't fix it free of charge, we can at least tell you what is wrong with it and what it will take to fix it. Please ring 4954 8912 if you have any questions.

If you wish to have ongoing support, you only need to renew your APANA membership every 12 months. If you require any type of hub access then fees apply and that access can be renewed at any payment frequency you select.

In the Hunter Region, additional charges only apply if you choose an option which requires hub access. However, those charges are reviewed at every RC meeting to ensure that minimal profit margins are maintained. The more members there are accessing the hub, the less each member will have to pay for their own hub access. Full/Unlimited hub access is currently $14 per month. There are also various options involving limited hub access which are all based at the same rate of $50 per year. These include Shell access; Web-site Hosting; Email and/or News only accounts; Unlimited Backup Dialup Accounts (for members with existing broadband or other connections); Mailling List Hosting and any other access that is deemed 'limited' by the Regional Committee. Unlimited Hub Access includes all of these options as well as the provision of a Static IP Address and an APANA Domain Name if required. Hosting of non-APANA Domains is also available but is restricted to 'org' and 'asn' domains.

Our current resources can provide for 15 new members who desire a full network connection. However, there is no limit to the number of members who only require support and/or limited hub access. So if you are contemplating joining now is the time to do it.

To join for support only complete the APANA Individual Membership Application Form and make a payment of $12 by the method you select on that form. If you want access to the hub and/or to share the regional connection then please indicate that on the form and the reply email you receive will indicate the costs and method of payment chosen for participation in that shared resource. Once we receive notification of your APANA membership, we will contact you by phone or by email.

Non-profit organisations are required to complete the Organisational Membership Application Form. Cost of access and mode of payment is determined by the Regional Committee on an individual case basis.

If you are paid in advance and then circumstances mean that you have to leave the region, we can either have your membership transferred to another region or the Regional Committee may under individual circumstances agree to refund the unused portion of your hub access fees to you. If you wish to cancel your membership at any time then contact APANA's Secretary and after doing this if you desire a refund of the unused portion of your access fees then contact the Regional Committee.