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A hyperlink for this colour scheme looks like this. An active link (that is, one which you have selected using the cursor keys, is highlighted like this. If you move the mouse over a link it will behighlighted as being 'hovered'. The home page looks slightly different, as it uses icons for links, however, the same background colours still apply for active and links that you move over using the mouse.


The links after the "Navigation" heading always take you to the six main pages on this site. Some pages have links at the bottom of their content that return you to a "parent" page.

Each link in the navigation menu also has an "access key" which is shown highlighted. Depending upon your browser, you may be able to press of combination of that key and a control key, to select that link. For example, using IE6 in Windows, you can select the link to "Admin" by pressing the ALT+A keys. The sections are:

General information about Hunter APANA. Membership costs and benefits, and configuration and trouble shooting information.
A list of who's on the committee and contact details; also minutes of various meetings.
Member Links
A list of web pages hosted by Hunter APANA.
What's happened at Hunter APANA.
System Info
Details and information about the current system.
Search Site
A form which enables you to search Hunter APANA.

Setting Colours

You can change the colours of these pages. There are five options:

The is the default colour setting and shows white text on olive background.
This is a variant of the above colour scheme, but has a dark green background.
This uses dark blue text on a light blue background.
Black & White
This uses black text on a white background.

You can change this option at any time, by selecting a different link on the list after "Colours". If you have cookies set to "accept", the same colour scheme will be used for other pages browsed on this site.

Changing Font Sizes

Most pages have been created so that they will display ok and be readable in a 640x480 screen resolution. Viewers using monitors with larger sizes may be able to adjust the font size &anp; layout, depending upon the browser you use. With the IE in Windows, you can adjust the Text Size as an option under the View Menu.

Other browsers may allow you to "zoom" in and out of the page, or change the base size of text displayed. The layout of most pages is such that it is retained when zoomed in and out.

You can also adjust the font size of the main content, header and footer. You can change sizes by selecting: Smaller, Default or Larger. This will adjust font sizes to accommodate screens from 640 to 1200 pixels wide. Default selects a font size designed for a screen at 800 pixels wide. Fonts changed by this method are saved and used on other pages on this site.