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Meeting held at the home of Carolyn Baird.

  1. Meeting declared opened at 2.15pm.

  2. Members Present:

    • Carolyn Baird
    • Marc Walters
    • Peter Longworth
    • Nigel Bell
    • Roderick Breis
    • Dale Hurry (guest)

  3. Apologies:

    • Kellie Bottrell
    • Andrew Glazebrook
    • Craig Pickering
    • Jemina Pickering

  4. Minutes of June 13th, 1999 Regional Meeting: A printed copy of the previous minutes was circulated and read by all present. Peter approved the minutes. Seconded by Marc. Accepted unanimously.

  5. Regional Report: A printed copy of the Co-ordinator's report; the Treasurer's reports for end of financial year and July and August; the updated equipment list and a copy of the July/August Telstra account (detailing increases in call charges due to Ozemail's downtime) were circulated.


    • Finances - While the Treasurer's report seems to show a substantial reduction in the debt to APANA, it should be noticed that Ozemail's charges have not been taken into account for the month of August. Still taking that into account we managed to reduce that debt by $34 despite the impact of the increased Telstra charges over recent months for the failed connections to Ozemail each time there were problems with their server.

      This month so far things are looking promising with the addition of two new members and thanks to the members with renewals due who have chosen to renew for 12 months. There are still 6 members with renewals due this month whose contribution to our operating costs has not been received as yet, but I'm pleased to report that no member has fees more than 3 weeks overdue. Members should however be reminded that under the new rules, only one month's grace period is allowed now in which to pay your fees before your access is restricted so prompt payment is desired (although financial hardship cases will still be considered on a case by case basis for special consideration by the RC).

      While our financial situation doesn't look as bleak as it did a few months ago, we are still not 'out of the woods' yet. Based on the previous 12 months our current membership affords/will afford (provided all existing members renew) an income of around $200 @ year in excess of our combined ISP and Telstra charges ($5500 vs $5278)....which means no money for equipment replacement/ugrades and it'll take us 10 years to pay back the debt to APANA. :-( So we still have a desperate need for 10 to 15 full-access members. If this cannot be accomplished before the end of the year, we'll have no option except to increase the access charges for everyone or levy a one-off charge of $50 per member to get us back into the black.

    • Equipment - There has only been a few minor glitches with our equipment since July and the system has only required rebooting once during that time.

      Severe power fluctuations have been prevalent throughout this period but thanks to the use of Gavin's UPS, the computers don't seem to have been affected at all. There was a scare when one of the Roadster modems failed to reset properly after a severe power fluctuation but leaving it turned off overnight restored its function and there's been no problems with it since then. However on Thursday night a problem arose with #7 modem. It's not clear yet if the problem is with the modem itself or the power supply, so until this can be properly checked out and rectified, the old 14K4 has been brought back into service yet again.

      Cray is now fully functional as a Majordomo listserver providing both mail and digests formats for all my lists and Marc's.

      Overall I'm very pleased with the way our equipment has been performing - but there's no doubt that that's entirely due to the TLC it's been receiving from the Admin Team.

      		486 PCI motherboard
      		Intel 486DX4-100 CPU
      		1x16Mb 72-pin SIMM
      		Maxtor 2.6G EIDE hard drive
      		Trident SVGA card (donated by rossla)
      		3.5" floppy drive (donated by mjm)
      		NE2000 ethernet card
      		Cyclades 8-Yo
      		Pentium motherboard (donated by gavin)
      		Intel Pentium 133 CPU (donated by gavin)
      		4x8Mb 72-pin SIMM (donated by gavin)
      		Quantum Bigfoot 4G EIDE drive
      		Trident SVGA card (donated by avenger)
      		3.5" floppy drive (donated by avenger)
      		3Com Etherlink II (donated by mjm)
      		mid-tower case (donated by avenger)
     (donated by cas)
      		486 motherboard
      		Intel 486DX2/66 CPU
      		2x8Mb SIMMs
      		NE2000 ethernet card
      		Seagate 250Mb drive
      		3.5" floppy drive (donated by cjb)
     (donated by cjb)
      		486DX/60 - overclocked 486DX/50
      		VLB motherboard + fan
      		4x4Mb 30pin SIMMs
      		4x1Mb 30pin SIMMs
      		NE2000 clone ethernet card
      		162Mb harddrive - Model# CP30174E (903c/8h/46t); Serial#AM9ZL90
      		1.44Mb floppy drive
      		Oak VGA Videocard
      		IDE/Floppy Controller Card
      		Power Supply - Serial# MO3000243E9M
      		Case (ex-Matt McLeod)
      		CD-ROM Drive BTC BCD20xA (donated by manwe)
      		1xAST Fourport clone serial card (donated by Charlie Brady)
      		2x4Mb 72-pin SIMMs (donated by cas)
      		1 x 14k4 modem (donated by cas)
      		5 x Roadster II 56K modems
      		2 x Maestro 33.6K modems
      		2 x Avico powerboards
      		2 x 1 metre ethernet cables, T-connectors & Terminators.
      		2 x 4-port serial cables (made by Chris Baird)
      		2m Phone cord
      		Digital Multimeter
      		Soldering Iron plus solder
      		3 x Multi-Voltage DC Adaptor
      		Slim Gender Changer 9M-9M
      		ANTSIG Gender Changer 25F-25F
      		2 x 7.5V DC power supply for Roadster II - (repaired)
      	    2 x Chilli 33.6K modems (no power supplies) - (donated by andgla)
      	Equipment losses: (1) faults; (2) stocktake error; (3) missing
      		1 x 7.5V DC power supply for Roadster II - (1)
      		1 x14K4 modem - (1)
      	On Short-term Loan (from gavin):
      		56K US Robotics modem

    • Members - There are currently 36 members (up 2 on the previous quarter) in the Hunter Region following the resignation of Matt McLeod and Norman Hatch and the expiry of 3 trial memberships which weren't followed through on under the old scheme.

    • Complaints - The lack of complaints for this period is unprecedented, although three members have reported repeated disconnections - two specifying #7 modem as the sole culprit. This modem has now been replaced by the 14K4 until the source of the problem can be determined.

    • Expenditure - No additional expenditure above normal operating costs has been incurred during this period.

      Peter expressed concern for any proposed increase in fees. Carolyn stated that such a drastic action may be unavoidable if a way couldn't be found to increase membership by the minimum required amount before the end of the year.

      Peter suggested that he meet with Carolyn next Friday at 10am to work out some way of trying to solicit interest by newspapers in our organisation. Carolyn agreed and reported that Pik's suggestion of setting up a local Quake server should also be supported as a prospective new member had indicated considerable interest amongst his acquaintances for access to such a machine.

  7. Insurance for Region

    Carolyn reported: "On renewing my house and contents insurance with AAMI, I was able to negotiate with them to cover APANA's equipment under my current contents policy for an additional amount of $14 @ year. There is however a clause in the policy with limits the amount claimable to $7500 for computer equipment. At the moment this would more than adequately cover the computer equipment in my house, but you should be aware that if there is a significant increase in equipment in coming years it may be necessary to negotiate a separate policy for this. The Region is covered for public liability under my current house insurance. However the Treasurer has suggested that personal liability insurance is advisable to safeguard against any claim that I or members of my household may be forced to make in the event that any of us suffer injury from APANA's equipment."

    Peter proposed that Carolyn should investigate the costs involved in taking out such a policy. Marc seconded. All agreed.

  8. Annual Regional Meeting

    It was decided that the only reason for delaying the ARM would be if it was to be held in conjunction with an Open Day. Since this could not be contemplated at this time (cf. 8), after discussion Sunday, October 24th, 1999 at 11am at Carolyn's with a barbeque lunch to follow was selected as most suitable by all present.

  9. Open Day

    Carolyn reported that due to prior commitments (eg upcoming exams) insufficient numbers of members although interested were unable to volunteer to help organise and participate in this event between now and the end of the year. It was therefore suggested that it be considered by the incoming RC as an event that would be better held after the New Year. Agreed unanimously.

  10. Discussion

    Carolyn reported that while the outcome of the AGM was known, only limited information had come to hand regarding the outcome of the SGM except that the rule changes which were passed required approval from Victorian Corporate Affairs and had to be lodged with ASIC before they would come into effect.

    Carolyn proposed that the RC extend its congratulations to those who were successful in gaining office at the recent AGM in Perth.

    President: Garry Ford
    Secretary: Dean Hollister
    Treasurer: John Childs

    Seconded Peter. Agreed unanimously.

  11. Other Business

    Peter reported that his previous problems with Hotmail appear to have been resolved.

    Roderick requested information regarding the cost of establishing a permlink connection to Carolyn's house. Carolyn to investigate.

  12. The next meeting will be the ARM on October 24th, 1999 at 11am at Carolyn's place.

  13. Meeting declared closed at 3.25pm.

(prepared by Carolyn on 20/9/99)