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Meeting held at the home of Carolyn Baird.

  1. Meeting declared opened at 2.15pm.

  2. Members Present:

    • Carolyn Baird
    • Kellie Bottrell
    • Marc Walters
    • Ben Eisel
    • Peter Longworth
    • Gavin Condon

  3. Apologies:

    • Andrew Glazebrook

  4. The appointment of Kellie, Peter and Ben to the RC was confirmed. Marc and Carolyn welcomed our new members.

  5. Minutes of December 6th, 1998 Regional Meeting: A printed copy of the previous minutes was circulated and read by all present. Carolyn approved the minutes. Seconded by Marc. Accepted unanimously.

  6. Regional Report: Carolyn gave a verbal report on Hunter's current status with regard to:

    • Finances - "We slipped $79 further into the red last month bringing our deficit to $1,489. This was brought about by Ozemail increasing our monthly charges by $50 from the beginning of December before we had a chance to recover from the costs involved in the relocation. This increase wasn't anticipated at the time we negotiated our connection with them."

      A printout of the financial statement for Hunter for the year to the end of February was tabled for inspection.

    • Equipment - "Three of the power supplies for the Roadster modems have needed to be replaced due to faults. In addition two gender changers were needed to complete the shift of all the region's modems onto the dialin lines, so that Andrew's modem could be used on the permlink to Dragon. Following a power fluctuation earlier in the week my SupraExpress on loan to the region has developed faults - the extent of which have yet to be determined. In the meantime it has been moved to the end of the rotary, but in effect we only have 7 modems still working so the boot procedure has been updated to come into effect when 7 lines are busy."

      A printout of the current equipment list was tabled for inspection.

    • Members - "There are currently 24 members in the Hunter Region. The two members who failed to renew last month were offset by two new members signing on."

    • Complaints - "Since the modem script was rewritten in January no further complaints concerning disconnections have been received. Justin reported having problems communicating with Hotmail accounts, but the evidence supports that this is a global problem with Hotmail accounts and not specific to our system."

    • Expenditure -
      • Newcastle Herald advertisement $28.45
      • Two gender changers 29.90
      • 2 Adaptors (power supplies) 63.00
      • Stationery & Postage 10.45

      Amount to be reimbursed to Carolyn Baird $131.80 - Approved Peter seconded Kellie.

  7. Advertising

    Despite the poor response to the Herald ad (2 phone calls and one local email contact), it was decided that the ad should be placed in The Star to run concurrently with the ad already placed with the Trading Post which will appear for the first run on March 11th. Kellie was awarded the responsibility of negotiating all future advertising for the region which will include seeking opportunities for free publicity in local newspapers. Ben to work on designing a new flier.

  8. Discussion

    1. Hub connection timelimits and booting policy.

      It was resolved to adopt a "variable counter-based per month" boot procedure that would restrict members connect times during peak periods. When all lines are full only those with connections in excess of 3 hours 'counter-time' will be eligible for disconnection for a period of 30 minutes. 'Counter-time' will be calculated as a function of individual usage compared with total usage during the preceding month. The Admin Team was empowered to implement this policy by the most practical means.

    2. Permlinks, PA sites and static IP addresses.

      It was resolved to continue our policy of providing free static IP addresses to members. Application for which should be made directly to the Admin Team.

      It was decided that no application for a PA site would be considered in the Hunter region at the present time.

      It was resolved that any member requiring a permlink should first make application to the RC. A permlink will only be considered if the member is willing to:

      • Pay for a new line to be installed at the hub in his/her name.
      • Pay all future rentals/expenses associated with that line.
      • Provide the region with a modem to connect to that line.
      • Be willing to bear an equal share of the cost of a new cyclades amongst the prospective permlinked members. Additional ports will be sold off to future permlink members on an equal share basis and the original permlink members rebated that amount.
      • Pay the regional connectivity charge and APANA membership as applicable for other PPP connected members.

    3. A shortlist of the Regional logo entries will be produced. Late entries will still be accepted.

    4. The RC members were asked to state whether they currently allowed their family members to access the network. Only those who answered 'no' were allowed to discuss and vote on the policy of household use (Carolyn and Peter were excluded but gave the RC their assurance that they would comply with any decision made).

      It was resolved that every individual in a household who accesses APANA's network should be required to be an APANA member. The only exception being children in the household under high-school age provided one of their parents is a member (since it is reasonable to assume that such children would not be accessing the network without parental supervision).

    5. Fees for additional accounts within a household.

      The first connectivity charge for a member with a PPP connection in a household shall be $200 per annum. If two or more members reside in the same household the connectivity charge will be $50 per annum for each additional member. Members can make application to the RC to have the additional connectivity charges waived under special circumstances provided all family members who access the network are APANA members.

      In the case of a UUCP connected household, it is only required that family members who use the network become APANA members.

  9. Other Business - none

  10. The next meeting was set for 2.00pm Sunday June 6th, 1999 at Carolyn's.

  11. Meeting declared closed at 3.55pm.

(prepared by Carolyn on 9/3/99)