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Meeting held at Carolyn's home.


  • Marc Walters
  • Andrew Glazebrook
  • Carolyn Baird
  • Craig Dickinson (Late arrival)

  • Craig Pickering
  • David White


  1. The previous RC meeting minutes were approved with a minor ammendment. Carolyn moved that they be accepted, Marc seconded the motion.

  2. Account Status - $689 surplus in account, but Ozemail bills remain outstanding

  3. Acquired -
    • Two new Maestro 33.6Kbps modems at a cost of $99 each

    • Multimeter

    • Soldering iron

    • Telephone socket cable

    • Replacement power supply for modem

    • Envelopes and stamps

    • One printer cartridge

    • Total cost of purchases:

    Amount to be reimbursed to Carolyn Baird:

  4. Membership -
    currently 24
    Lost 2 in October
    Gained 1 in November

  5. Davgar -
    Transferred to UUCP account type.
    Action advisory to administration team to install nnmaster for nn.

  6. Complaints -
    Technical problems outstanding.
    More info on disconnect, nnmaster and FTP to GeoCities.

  7. Usage time restrictions adjourned until next meeting.

  8. Discussion - Advertisement and promotional material. A promotional advertisement will be written up for submission to one of the local newspapers.

  9. Target membership numbers were discussed.

  10. Discussion -
    Permlinks and PA Sites (Currently there are no PAs in operation). Deferred to a subsequent meeting.

  11. Descision to make Regional Committee meetings the first Sunday of March, June, September and December. The next meeting is slated for March 7, 1999.


(prepared by Marc on 2/1/99)