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Meeting held at 11.00AM, at Carolyn's home.

  1. Members present:
    • Matt McLeod
    • Carolyn Baird
    • Andrew Glazebrook
    • Marc Walters
    • Craig Dickson

  2. Apologies:
    • Dave Garner
    • David Mews
    • Craig Pickering
    • Gavin Condon

  3. Hardware Installation:

    Niggle and Bombadil were checked and prepared for installation as servers in their new location. 5 new 33.6K modems were put in place.

  4. Official meeting convened at 1.00PM by Matt.
    Minutes of Previous Meeting on May 17th accepted as read.
    Matt tendered his resignation as Regional Co-ordinator and appointed Carolyn to act as Regional Co-ordinator until the Annual Regional General Meeting. Andrew was appointed as Deputy Regional Co-ordinator to fill the position left vacant by Andre van Eyssen's resignation. Marc and Craig were then appointed to hold the positions of Ordinary Members until the ARGM.

  5. Chairing of the meeting was passed to Carolyn.

  6. Issues Discussed:

    Ozemail's failure to supply the services for which the contract was entered into on August 28th within a more than reasonable amount of time and without any notificiation from them of the reason for the prolonged delay was discussed. It was unanimously resolved to cancel the existing contract with them immediately and to pursue other service provider options.

    Hub relocation
    It was unanimously resolved to push ahead with the hub relocation using our current ISP. The physical relocation of the hub from Andrew's place to Carolyn's to take place next Sunday (Oct 4th). After which the extra resources in the new setup will become available to all members. The new dialup number will be 4954 8168.

    The Annual Regional General Meeting
    It was proposed to move the ARGM forward from the previously proposed date of Nov 1st to a date prior to Matt's departure to Melbourne. Following discussion a new date and time were selected. The ARGM will now be held on October 17th at 5.00PM at Carolyn's place (followed by a barbeque and a 'get-to-know you' evening).

    Size of incoming RC and Admin Team
    It was decided to postpone any decision about increasing the size of the new RC until after all nominations had been received in accordance with the upcoming elections at the ARGM.

    Similarly it was decided to postpone determining the size of the Admin Team until all expressions of interest had been submitted and discussed.

    New members
    It was proposed that we push ahead in recruiting new members and discussion concerning methods of advertising followed. It was resolved to discuss this matter further as soon as the hub has been relocated although it was decided that this matter should be given priority as soon as we are in a position to admit new members.

    Technical support for members
    The merits/demerits of providing technical support to new and existing members and ways in which this might be achieved were discussed. It was decided that we were not in a position to do this at the present time so any advertising for new members following the relocation needs to target groups of people who do not require any basic support.

  7. The official meeting closed at 2.10PM and work resumed on installation of the new servers until 3.45PM - work to resume at 11AM next Sunday.

    (prepared by Carolyn on 28/9/98)