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Meeting held at 2:00PM, at Matt's home.

  1. Members present:
    • Matt McLeod
    • Andre van Eyssen
    • Carolyn Baird
    • Andrew Glazebrook

  2. Others present:
    • Peter Longworth

  3. Issues Discussed:
    Previous minutes
    The minutes of all previous meetings (as published on our website) were accepted.
    Review of hub timelimits
    It was decided to implement a limit of 21 hours/week/user. Time used during offpeak times (as determined by the number of users on at that time) will be counted at a lower rate.
    New phone lines
    Nothing new to report. Still waiting for Dragon to complete their conversion to 56k.
    New class C subnet
    APANA have allocated to the Hunter region. Dragon have routed this to Newcastle internally, but are not broadcasting this routing information yet.
    Purchase of a new modem
    The committee has approved the purchase of a 33k6 external modem to replace the remaining 14k4 in the hub dialup pool. The committee has approved a maximum of $200 expenditure for this item.
    Temporary membership freeze
    The freeze will be continued until the next RC meeting, but those who have applied prior to 28th March 1998 will be processed and admitted as appropriate.