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Meeting held at 6:00PM, at Matt's home.

  1. Members present:
    • Matt McLeod
    • Andre van Eyssen
    • Andrew Glazebrook

  2. Apologies:
    • Carolyn Baird

  3. Issues Discussed:
    Extra dialin line
    Approved in principle. Final decision to be made over the mailing-list once modem prices are collected.

    Ben Eisel's PA proposal
    Approved, but Ben must understand the implications of the new fee structure.

    Macabre permanent link

    Sysadmin dedicated line
    Approved. Note that this goes with the office, not the office-holder.

    New fee structure
    National membership$10
    Regional membership$40
    Hub access$100
    Everyone using our network must be a Regional member (i.e., $50). This means that PA users (for example) will pay us $50 ($40 into the regional account), and will pay the PA operator whatever they agree on.

    This did get some argument about where the hub fee should be set, but we ended up agreeing on $100. Any lower and it makes PAs uneconomical, and without them we're pretty limited in terms of how many members we can support.

    Telnet access for non-members.
    There are two non-members telnetting in to attila at the moment - Simon Phillips and Anthony Espinola. Anthony intends to join (probably via psilo's PA). We decided to allow these two to continue for now, but to not allow any more.

    Reduced time guarentee.
    Andrew proposed reducing it to 2.5 hrs. Andre opposed. Matt supported it in-principle, but moved that we leave discussion of it until we see how the extra line and permlinks affect things. The motion to defer was passed 2:1.