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Meeting held at 8:00PM, at Andrew's home.

  1. Members present:
    • Matt McLeod
    • Andre van Eyssen
    • Carolyn Baird
    • Andrew Glazebrook

  2. Reports:
    Twelve members in the database, seven yet to send in their forms.
    $906 in the APANA account. Three members due to renew in the coming month, plus one definite new member.

  3. Issues Discussed:
    Membership Application - Ben Eisel
    It was decided to accept Ben Eisel as a member of APANA/Hunter.
    Attila Upgrade
    Approval given for the purchase of a 3.5G EIDE drive for $312. In-principle approval for the purchase of 32Mb of RAM for Attila, with the purchase to be made at some point in the medium future.
    Membership Drive
    It was decided to undertake a membership drive, with a limit of 30 members total. Carolyn is to approach students in Level 4 TAFE computing courses.

    It was also decided that we should try to find new members with a reasonable level of intelligence/clue. We just don't have the resources to support too many newbies.