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Meeting held at 11AM, at Matt's home.

  1. Members present:
    • Matt McLeod
    • Andre van Eyssen
    • Carolyn Baird
    • Andrew Glazebrook

  2. Reports:
    Currently nine members registered in the APANA database. Expecting two more (Suzanne Hayne and the Bradeys) in the next week or so.
    $537 in old HNA account, $270 in new APANA account. Most of the old HNA account should be taken up by the outstanding University bills

  3. Issues Discussed:
    Time Limits
    When all lines are in use, the user who has been on longest will be disconnected, provided they have been on for at least three hours. They will not be able to reconnect for 30 minutes. (to be implemented by Matt)
    Attila Upgrade
    Agreed in principle. Will obtain quotes, and then make final decision. (Andre and Matt to obtain quotes for IDE hard drives and RAM).
    New Member Policy
    All new members must be approved by the Committee. A meeting will not be required to give approval - agreement via the committee newsgroup or mailing-list will be adequate.

    New members will be allowed a one-week trial period. If they receive final approval, they must lodge their application for membership within two weeks, or their account will be suspended.
    Annual Regional General Meeting
    To be held on Friday, 3rd October, at 7:30PM, at Dave Garner's residence (if Dave is agreeable). Notice to be sent out to all members by Matt once location has been finalized.