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  1. Meeting opened at 2:25pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Ross Slade (Ordinary)
    • Chris Baird (Ordinary)
    • Helen Donaldson (Ordinary)
    • Carolyn Baird (Admin)

  3. Visitors:


  4. Apologies:

    • Laura Seabrook (Coordinator)
    • Marc Walters (Deputy Coord)
    • Nikki Slade (Ordinary)

  5. Chair:

      In the absence of both the Regional Coordinator and the Deputy Regional Coordinator, Carolyn Baird (Treasurer, APANA Inc.) was appointed as Chairperson and Minutes Secretary.

  6. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      The RM Minutes for April 16 were circulated.

      Motion that Minutes read and confirmed by Ross Slade.
      Seconded by Chris Baird.
      Motion Carried.

  7. Business arising from previous minutes:

      Chris is still waiting on an adapter to complete the setup of the wireless access point.

      The latest draft of the Web page re-design displays well in all but the earliest browser versions and the motion to commence implementing the changes was proposed by Carolyn (on Laura's behalf). Seconded by Ross. Motion carried.

      Carolyn reported that she had not done any followup on the matter of the sign as discussed in previous Minutes and proposed to leave this until after the end of this financial year. Confirmed by Chris. Seconded by Ross. Motion carried.

  8. Regional Report:

    • Financial Report

        Current balance $1,070. Forecast profit of at least $185 indicates that Hunter will be the only APANA region to record a profit for this financial year.

    • Expenditure:

        $11.65 for postage of 7 modems and 2 hard-drives (ex-Wollongong equipment).

    • Equipment Status & Function

        7 modems and 2 hard-drives were received this week. Unfortunately 1 hard-drive was found to be 'dead'. The former Wollongong computer is expected to be delivered here within the next few months by a Sydney member on a planned trip to Newcastle.

        Some dialup modems are failing to disconnect properly and have required resetting on a regular basis. Now that we have the ex-Wollongong modems onhand in future when a problem is discovered with a particular modem it will be replaced immediately.

    • Membership

        Membership currently totals 43 members - 4 more than last meeting.

    • Complaints

        A number of members have required hands-on help to fix problems with their computers or in configuring or reconfiguring their connection.

        Prompt reporting of 'failure to connect' has identified problems with our modems and/or configuration problems with member's computers and were easily fixed.

  9. OH&S

      Nothing to report.

  10. System Administrator's Report

    • Since at least July 1st, there has been a NNTP connection problem where the external network behaves as if there's ~50% loss of outgoing packets destined for port 119. No other port traffic is affected. Everything checks out on our side of the link (firewall, newsserver to and from, operating system, etc.) Forensic information is being discussed with SISgroup, however nothing has been heard back from them as yet.

    • Cray firewalled from accepting mail directly from outside, it now only taking/sending mail either from Giles or Bombadil, to reduce forged email.

    • The ADSL connection needing to be manually reset several times in the past month.

    • A GPL'd email virus scanner 'ClamAV' is currently in testing. It should be installable on Bombadil, Giles, and Cray.

    • the modem on ttyC8 (Froggy's perm line) became unreliable and replaced with a Wollongong modem.

    Motion to accept reports:
    Proposed: Ross Slade
    Seconded: Helen Donaldson
    Motion Carried.

  11. Business arising from reports


  12. General Business

    • Fee Structure Review:

        Fees to remain at current levels until next meeting's review. If membership continues to increase then a further reduction in fees is likely as well as the possibility of adding an additional line to the dialins.

    • Carolyn asked if the recent Debian update had been installed. Chris advised that all the network machines are set to automatically update when new releases become available.

    • Carolyn asked when the modems on the dailins should be replaced. It was decided that a policy of 'replace when needed' should be adopted.

    • Carolyn asked if it would be possible to update Cray's hardware so that all the web files and archives associated with her email lists could be transferred to that machine from Bombadil. Chris replied that it could be done by adding a second drive to Cray. Ross asked about including forum software to replace or supplement the email lists. Chris said that was also a possibility.

    • Carolyn reported that updates to Hunter's home directory and indexing of the software it contains had been completed. She also advised of the progress made in compiling a CD containing APANA and Hunter APANA information and software to be given to new members. She asked for help in designing an icon, label and cover for the CD. Ross said he would try to come up with a design that used minimal colours to keep printing costs to a minimum.

    • Carolyn stated that the current CD compilation only uses around 400MB of space, so there is plenty of room to include other software and asked if any member has a favourite freeware program that they'd like to share to let her know about it.

  13. Next meeting

      The next meeting was set for Saturday 20th August, 2pm

  14. Meeting officially finished at 3:45pm