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  1. Meeting opened at 3:05pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Laura Seabrook (Coordinator)
    • Marc Walters (Deputy Coord)
    • Helen Donaldson (Ordinary)
    • Carolyn Baird (Admin)

  3. Visitors:


  4. Apologies:

    • Ross Slade (Ordinary)
    • Nikki Slade (Ordinary)
    • Chris Baird (Ordinary)

  5. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      Minutes for 24/10/04 read and spelling errors noted. Motion to accept minutes:

      1st - Laura
      2nd - Helen

  6. Business arising from previous minutes:

      Marc's foraging for computer parts ended at home, when he found a variety of stuff.

  7. Regional Report:

    • Financial Report


    • Equipment status and function

        Some modems may be disconnecting users.

    • Membership

        Missing members were found. membership currently at 42. Carolyn pointed out that with this membership level, the region was "borderline" as far as finances go.

    • Complaints

        New member couldn't connect, this was fixed by repowering modem.

    • Expenditure

        Telstra forgot to charge for line in November, doubled up on charges this month.

        1st - Laura
        2nd - Marc

    • OH&S

        Nothing to report.

  8. System Administrator's Report

      (Given by Carolyn in Chris's absence)

      Problems with modems not resetting properly. Giles also reset into "single user" mode for unknown reason - fixed by Chris. There were 51 not-answered calls for November, but only 16 for October and 23 for September. This implies that one of the modems may be failing. Carolyn to investigate.

    Motion that the reports be received:

    1st - Laura
    2nd - Marc

  9. Business arising from reports

      ADSL working well, but there was >5 Gb downloads in the first 10 days, and downloads for the rest of the month were shaped to <256 kb. Marc suggested keeping eye on speed.

      Carolyn mentioned that Wollongong are trying ADSL provider that provides sub-routing for $89 / month, with 512k link & 32 Gb download. Carolyn will determine details and see if suitable for replacement to current ADSL provider.

  10. General Business

      Fee Structure Review:

        Fees kept at same level.

      Toastmasters will be joining the region as an organization. Marc is organising this.

      Carolyn proposed placing advert in Newcastle Star Advertiser for Xmas. The motion was that: Carolyn place advert, advert to include:

      • mention of computer cleaning
      • url to services page
      • phone number

      (to be created by Carolyn & Laura after meeting)

      1st - Laura
      2nd - Marc

      Laura proposed to review and rewrite Hunter APANA Info pages to be: more accessible; easier printed; have clearer navigation; with 2 months (before start of University term).

      1st - Laura
      2nd - Marc

  11. Next meeting

      The next meeting was set for 13th February, 2pm (is it ever any other time?)

  12. Meeting officially finished at 3:55pm

    (completed by Laura on 14/12/2004)