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  1. Meeting opened at 3:05pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Laura (Coordinator)
    • Marc Walters (Deputy Coord)
    • Ross Slade (Ordinary)
    • Helen Donaldson (Ordinary)
    • Nikki Slade (Ordinary)
    • Chris Baird (Ordinary)
    • Carolyn Baird (Admin)

  3. Visitors:


  4. Apologies:


  5. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      RM for June 13, 2004 were circulated.

      Minutes read and mistake was found in the times listed. Motion to correct:
      1st - Laura
      2nd - Ross

  6. Business arising from previous minutes:

      ADSL Connection Obtained

      There were problems with connection: no sub-net routing; and we are $9 down per month in membership. Two motions were proposed:

    1. That an unused dial-up line be disconnected
      1st - Laura
      2nd - Marc

    2. To shop around for a replacement ADSL link with routing to replace after six months from August.
      1st - Laura
      2nd - Ross

  7. Regional Report:

    • Financial Report


    • Equipment status and function

        Everything was falling apart due to old age. Currently Hunter APANA have some spare parts available. Marc will forage for cheap hard drive in various shops.

    • Membership

        Members have gone missing and memberships have expired local and national. Membership is currently at 40.

    • Complaints

        No complaints about network.

        Various members PCs have been repaired and a workable PC was salvaged from two non-working ones.

    • Expenditure

        $51.87 for AGM BBQ (and a good time was had by all those that showed up). Motion to accept:
        1st - Laura
        2nd - Marc

    • OH&S

        Nothing to report.

  8. System Administrator's Report

    • Peter Longworth's mail client has been bouncing mail.

    • There was an IRC trojan on some members PCs. Chris sorted that out.

    • The new system on Bombidil has been cleaned up for newsgroups.

    • There was an incident with mail-bombing via a mailing list that Laura Seabrook was subscribed. This was resolved once the list was dropped.

    Motion that the reports be received:

    1st - Laura
    2nd - Marc

  9. Business arising from reports

      None (though see ADSL above).

  10. General Business

      Fee Structure Review:

        Fees kept at same level.

  11. Next meeting

      The next meeting was set for 12th December, 2pm.

  12. Meeting officially finished at 4:33pm

    (completed by Laura on 2/11/2004)