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  1. Meeting opened at 2.28 pm
  2. Members Present:
    • Marc Walters (committee)
    • Ross Slade (committee)
    • Helen Donaldson (committee)
    • Peter Freye (committee)
    • Ian Sampson (committee)
    • Carolyn Baird (admin)
    • Chris Baird (admin)
    • Nikki Slade (general)

  3. Visitors:
    • Julie Slade

  4. Apologies:
    • None

  5. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting
      RM for June 13, 2004 were circulated.

      Motion that minutes read and confirmed by Marc Walters
      Seconded by Peter Freye
      Motion Carried.

  6. Business arising from previous minutes:

  7. Regional Report:
    • Financial Status
        Current balance: $1380

    • Equipment status and function
        A number of software upgrades were made to Killdall and Cray.

    • Membership
        42, 1 down from last RC meeting.

    • Complaints

    • Expenditure
        Carolyn's hub electricity expenditure was paid for

    • Inquiries
        Member Lake Macquarie Neighbourhood Centre required advice from Carolyn about network connection settings for PCs installed with the Windows 2000 operating system.

    • OH&S
        Nothing to report.

  8. System Administrator's Report
      A temporary fix was found for the erratic newsfeed, and a new and much faster automated backup system. Outgoing NetBIOS ports have been blocked.

    Motion that the reports be received by Chris Baird.
    Seconded by Marc Walters.
    Motion Carried.

  9. Business arising from reports
      A discussion was held regarding the proposed system-wide implementation of Spam Assassin. For a trial period, incoming email suspected of being spam will be flagged in the Subject line.

  10. General Business

    • Fee Structure Review
        Fees to remain as they are at present.
    • APANA Annual General Meeting
        The Annual Meeting is to be held in Melbourne on the 28 August. Marc Walters will be attending, and will carry proxy votes for the region. All members are invited to the meeting.
    • Options for a local not-for-profit club's webpage hosting were discussed
    • The Annual Hunter Regional General Meeting was set for the 24th October 2004. A BBQ lunch will be put on for members.
    • ADSL was discussed. Broadband has been proven to be popular at several other APANA regions, and it was noted that NetCentral have a number of favourable plans available. The benefits include less congestion, especially for websites being hosted at the hub location. After much discussion it was decided that ADSL was within our budget and would greatly benefit club members. The spare phone line required would be initially provided by the one currently used for the APANA fax.

      A motion was made by Marc Walters that the region to proceed with efforts to obtain a connection, and once it was confirmed then to join up with NetCentral's 256/64 unmetred (5GB before shaping) plan.
      Seconded by Chris Baird.
      Motion Carried.

    • Ian Sampson brought up the subject of alternative email clients to the virus-prone Microsoft Outlook Express. Chris said that several alternative clients such as Firebird and Pegasus were available for download from the APANA Hunter web site.

  11. Next meeting
      The next meeting was set for October 24: 12pm BBQ, Annual General Regional Meeting at 1pm, RC Meeting at 2pm.
  12. Meeting officially finished at 3.50 pm

    (completed by Marc on 3/8/2004)