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  1. Meeting opened at 2.28 pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Marc Walters (committee)
    • Ross Slade (committee)
    • Helen Donaldson (committee)
    • Laura Seabrook (committee)
    • Carolyn Baird (admin)
    • Nikki Slade (general)

  3. Visitors:

    • None.

  4. Apologies:

    • Ian Sampson (committee)

  5. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      RM for April 4, 2004 were circulated.

      Motion that minutes read and confirmed by Laura Seabrook
      Seconded by Helen Donaldson
      Motion Carried.

  6. Business arising from previous minutes:

      Re ADSL, Carolyn suggested that a dual connection of ADSL for WWW access, dialup for News and Email was a possible option. The committee decided to defer the decision.

  7. Regional Report:

    • Financial Status

      • Current balance: $863

      • It was noted that call charges for the net link have dropped considerably after joining up with NetCentral.

      • Current forecast indicates a monthly surplus of $148 could yield a profit for 2004/2005 of $1069

    • Equipment status and function

      • Three modems were purchased by Ross Slade for $223. $126 for a Roadster v92, which has improved the quality and stability of the connection with NetCentral, and two other modems for $50 each for the dialins.

      • There have been a number of power cuts - 3 due to local repair work, 1 to the installation of the surge protector, 1 due to a blackout (possum on the lines)

    • Membership

        43, 1 down from last RC meeting.

    • Complaints


    • Expenditure

        $223 modems

    • OH&S

        Nothing to report.

  8. System Administrator's Report

    • A number of member's machines were infected with downloader Trojan viruses.

    • Kildall was rebuilt after a hard disk crash

    Motion that the reports be received by Laura Seabrook.
    Seconded by Ross Slade.
    Motion Carried.

  9. Business arising from reports

    • Laura proposed that "moves be made to place links to the region's most useful downloadable utilities such as Adaware, Avent and Avast be placed on a webpage."
      Seconded: Ross Slade
      Motion Carried

    • Ross moved that "The region accepts the implementation of the new Online Application Form pending Management Committee approval."
      Seconded: Laura Seabrook
      Motion Carried

  10. General Business

    • Fee Structure Review

        Fees to remain as they are at present.

    • Openmail Progress

        Discussion regarding OpenMail was moved to the RC list

    • It was decided that some of the webpages be rewritten, members can submit designs, which will be chosen and implemented.

    • Carolyn requested a $40 per month payment for the region's monthly electricity usage.

      Marc moved that "The Hunter Region reimburses Carolyn $40 for electricity usage including GST to be applied from the previous payment period (January-April)."
      Seconded: Ross Slade
      Motion Carried

  11. Next meeting

    The next meeting was set for August 1, 2pm.

  12. Meeting officially finished at 3.40 pm

    (completed by Marc on 15/6/2004)