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  1. Meeting opened at 2.27 pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Marc Walters (committee)
    • Helen Donaldson (committee)
    • Peter Freye (committee)
    • Ian Sampson (committee)
    • Laura Seabrook (committee)
    • Chris Baird (admin)
    • Carolyn Baird (admin)

  3. Visitors:

    • None

  4. Apologies:

    • Ross Slade

  5. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      RM for February 1, 2004 were circulated.

    Motion that minutes read and confirmed by Laura Seabrook.
    Seconded by Ian Sampson.
    Motion Carried.

  6. Business arising from previous minutes:


  7. Regional Report:

    • Financial Status

      Current balance: $1125

      The monthly telephone bill is due next week

    • Equipment status and function

      • Cas upgraded "demime" software which strips HTML from attachments - she suspected that the software had been corrupted by virus software.
      • The two Roadster modems deteriorated, with regular lock-ups. Changing the PSUs did not improve their performance.
      • Chris described the possibilities for building a large "online" UPS.
      • Niggle had 7 redials to NetCentral in the past 28 days. Chris said that this was better than the acceptable 1 redial per day.

    • Membership

      44, down 1 from last RC meeting.

    • Complaints

        The Neighbourhood Centre experienced connection problems which were traced to their internal modem.

        The issues with NetCentral during the first month of the changeover are now resolved, and the connection is stable.

    • Expenditure


      Cas asked if Marc had found a good source for modem purchase. Marc answered in the negative. Cas said that the cooler weather had enabled the modems (or their power supplies) to be more reliable.

    • OH&S

      Nothing to report.

  8. System Administrator's Report

    • Chris found spare Socket7 CPU fans and replaced the non-working units in two machines.
    • Chris said that incoming email to Giles was now being checked against RBL and the amount of spam being turned away from members' accounts had improved
    • Chris rebuilt cray from scratch, installing Debian Linux 3.0.
    • Bombadil's disk space was approaching 95% usage. Cas helped clear some more space during a rebuild.

    Motion that the reports be received by Chris Baird.
    Seconded by Peter Freye.
    Motion Carried.

  9. Business arising from reports

    • One modem is required for the dialin rack. Marc to find appropriate supply and check with RC before purchase.
    • Chris and Cas discussed the status of 15 "retired" modems downstairs in storage. Carolyn said that only the black Maestro and black Chilli modems worked.
    • Chris said that only 33kbps modems were required for dialin rack. 56K would be wasted.
    • Chris asked Peter if v92 modems were acceptable for connection to NetCentral, Peter said it was okay, but he'll check with the company's technicians.

  10. General Business

    • Fee Structure Review

        Fees to remain as they are at present.

    • Peter advised that Telstra have now increased the limit for ADSL from 3km to 4.5 km from the exchange. Since previous applications for ADSL had been rejected on the grounds that the hub was 3.5km from the exchange, Cas remarked that even NetCentral's 1500Kbps (unlimited) ADSL was at a financially acceptable cost and suggested that a new application for ADSL through NetCentral be submitted. Marc suggested that the RC needed time to decide if this course of action was desirable.

  11. Next meeting

    The next meeting was set for June 6, 2pm.

  12. Meeting officially finished at 4.00 pm

    (completed by Marc on 13/4/2004)