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  1. Meeting opened at 2.25 pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Marc Walters (committee)
    • Helen Donaldson (committee)
    • Peter Freye (committee)
    • Ian Sampson (committee)
    • Carolyn Baird (admin)

  3. Visitors:

    • None

  4. Apologies:

    • Ross Slade
    • Ven Thai

  5. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      RM for October 26 were circulated.

    Motion that minutes read and confirmed by Peter Freye.
    Seconded by Helen Donaldson.
    Motion Carried.

  6. Business arising from previous minutes:


  7. Regional Report:

    • Financial Status

      Current balance: $824. No bills have arrived yet this month.

      The spare telephone line was cancelled by Carolyn. This has made a positive impact on club finances.

    • Equipment status and function

      Modem dropouts on the Ozemail link were frequent, up to 20 per day, until a Roadster modem was put in place, dramatically reducing dropouts to about 1 every few days.

      A few drops of water had come in from the roof over the hub during the last big rainstorm, but no damage occurred, and preventative measures have been brought in in the form of a strategically placed potted plant.

      The issue regarding the faulty online and boot scripts on the website was found to be caused by the removal of unused ports from the cyclades unit. It is now fixed.

    • Membership

      44, down 1 from last RC meeting.

    • Complaints

      Some members indicated line dropouts. Carolyn noted that PCs with internal modems, such as the Connexant series, were often contributing to dialin line dropouts. The usual remedy is to upgrade the internal modem drivers if they are more than 1 year old.

    • Expenditure

      Both items were met in October.
      Annual Meeting: $39.55
      Maintenance: $7.68

    • Website

      Webmaster Peter requested that the latest reports had been made available on the website, and that he is looking into ways to improve the site functionality.

      The problems encountered while attempting to install "Open Webmail", and MySQL have not yet been overcome.

    • OH&S


    • Incoming Correspondence

      A letter was received from RapidTag regarding workcover compliance. Marc will contact them for more information. Carolyn suggested that perhaps accredited APANA members could do some of the compliance work.

    Motion that the report be received by Peter Freye.
    Seconded by Helen Donaldson.
    Motion Carried.

  8. System Administrator's Report


  9. Business arising from reports


  10. General Business

    • Access fee changes for Carolyn and Helen

      It was voted to change the access for Carolyn from Ethernet to UUCP plus Mail Only due to her use of the IDL wireless link instead of the Ozemail one. The committee also voted to change Helen's access from Family Member to Mail Only for the same reason.

      Motion: That the membership fee for Carolyn Baird be changed from Ethernet to UUCP plus Mail Only.
      Put forward by Marc
      Seconded by Peter
      Motion Carried

      Motion: That the membership fee for Helen Donaldson be changed from Family Member to Mail Only.
      Put forward by Marc
      Seconded by Ian
      Motion Carried

    • Fee Structure Review

        Fees to remain as they are at present.

    • The electricity bill for APANA Hunter is currently being absorbed by Carolyn. Over the next few months the RC will monitor the situation and consider reimbusement as our financial situation improves.

    • Treasurer Carolyn is now accepting payment via Direct Debit. Contact her at for more information.

    • Peter mentioned that it may be possible for APANA to obtain 128-bit encryption certification, and will investigate its viability.

    • Marc to contact ex-regional member M Milligan to organise mail forwarding to his new account.

  11. Next meeting

    The next meeting was set for February 1, 2pm.

  12. Meeting officially finished at 4.30pm

    (completed by Marc on 13/12/2003)