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  1. Meeting opened at 2.15pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Carolyn Baird
    • Helen Donaldson
    • Chris Baird
    • Marc Walters

  3. Prior to the business session, the Regional Coordinator appointed Helen Donaldson to the committee as Ordinary Member.

  4. Apologies:

    • No apologies.

  5. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      Motion that minutes read and confirmed by Chris baird
      Seconded by Helen Donaldson
      Motion Carried.

  6. Business arising from previous minutes:

      Openmail is not up and running yet, but work is progressing.

      Marc tabled the reply he had from Breadbox Software/NewDeal regarding the NewDeal operating system and software suite.

  7. Regional Report:

      Financial Status

        Current balance as of 27 July: $795.

      Equipment status and function

      • Modem dropouts occured on the 23rd July at 23:27. These were connected to the UPS as were the machines Niggle and Giles, which had no problems.
      • Several modem lockups occured earlier in the month, but this is a less prevalent occurence now that the UPS is in use.
      • The region now has 2 spare Roadster 56K modems. These might be used on the dialup lines.
      • In the month to 31 June there had been 31 calls from Niggle to connect to OzEmail's feed, meaning that the dropout rate was steady.
      • Dialin report: 4 incoming calls were refused due to dial out. 102 incoming calls were refused due to busy lines. Some of thse busy lines may be attributed to modem dropouts and subsequent failure to reset.


        Membership is down from last month, at 43. in the past month 1 member was lost, 2 gained..





    Motion that the reports be received by Helen Donaldson.
    Seconded by Marc Walters.
    Motion Carried.

  8. System Administrator's Report

      The squid proxy was switched back to going through OzEmail, after someone had problems accessing a secure site.

      Nothing has been received from the DNS Master (rosco) regarding the Collaroy Cricket Club.

      The news retrieving script on Bombadil hit a bug (the same problem as with the comp.lang.c newsgroup in the previous report), causing the articles from newsgroups to back-up for a few days.

      The system web pages now have a file ownership and permissions standard. With some exceptions, pages must now be file-grouped as "www" (chgrp www "file.html"), and similarly for directories. This allows the web pages to be maintained by any member listed in the "www" usergroup, without their requiring root access.

      Web-spider was caught downloading large binary files (the PAN-I mailing list archives - are these even supposed to be publically available?), wasting our bandwidth on something it won't be able to index. The robot.txt file was updated to prevent their accessing anything with "tgz" filename extension.

      The following expired users' acocunts were cleaned up on Bombadil and Giles: theo, wcp*, frank*, calldrik, emoni, moley*, my4brats, ian, roger, ancb* and kezza*. Those with * got mail-forwarding to their ISP.

      Baron has expired their permanent dialup connection, reverting to a regular dialup. Kezza appears to be leaving as well, although while awaiting confirmation from them, nothing has been done there yet.

    Motion that the sysadmin report be received by Peter Freye.
    Seconded by Laura Seabrook.
    Motion Carried.

  9. Business arising from reports

      Carolyn requested that Admin Chris disconnect Kezza's permanent line.

      Chris said he will downgrade Andrew Glazebrook's access to mail and news only due to Andrew moving to an ISP.

      Carolyn said she had cancelled the Telstra permlines of Kezza and Baron.

      Chris observed that congestion on the 56K link had diminished in recent weeks.

      Regarding the Collaroy cricket webpage, Carolyn said that it had been resolved - the ads were out-of-date and had been removed.

  10. General Business

      Regarding the NewDeal software, Admin Chris said that the USD$35 would be better spent on hardware upgrades like RAM for the BRC project, and gave the example that 256MB RAM could be purchased for around AUD$58.

      Marc asked if BEOS was a potential BRC operating system candidate. Chris said that BEOS is dead and ownership/support issues are unclear.

      AGM. Carolyn announced that the APANA AGM 2003 will be held at: 6 McClintock Street, Lyneham Canberra, ACT at 1pm August 30, 2003. Accomodation is plentiful - there are 3 motels in walking distance of the venue, and a backpackers' hostel ($26 per night) nearby. Any members wanting to go should contact Carolyn as she will be travelling to Canberra by car and will have 2 spare places available.

      Marc asked Carolyn regarding the BRC computer deliver issue. Carolyn replied that there was still no progress in that area.

      Marc asked Admin Chris if there was any news about the idea of a spare "emergency/test" machine for the network. Chris replied that the region did not have enough equipment yet to build the machine.

      ADSL discussion ensued between members, basically a round-up of what the various ADSL products on offer were of interest to APANA. Chris mentioned the Whirlpool, an Australian ADSL SIG website.

      Carolyn asked Admin Chris about the website usage script end-of-month report displaying zeros. Chris said he'd look into it.

  11. Next meeting

    (No RC meeting in August due to AGM)

    The next meeting was set for Sunday, September 7, 2.00pm.

  12. Meeting officially finished at 3.23pm

    (completed by Marc on 28/7/2003)