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  1. Meeting opened at 2.23pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Carolyn Baird
    • Helen Donaldson
    • Chris Baird
    • Peter Freye
    • Laura Seabrook
    • Marc Walters

  3. Apologies:

    • No apologies.

  4. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      Motion that minutes read and confirmed by Peter Freye.
      Seconded by Laura Seabrook.
      Motion Carried.

  5. Business arising from previous minutes:

  6. Regional Report:

      Financial Status

        Current balance as of 15 June: $377.

        All bills have been paid. Finances are expected to improve in the following months as fees are due.

      Equipment status and function

        Some equipment failures including an increasingly flakey hard disk. Replacements are planned.


        Membership is up slightly, at 46.





    Motion that the reports be received by Peter Freye.
    Seconded by Laura Seabrook.
    Motion Carried.

  7. System Administrator's Report

      Newsgroup retrieval problems caused by the obsolete newsgroup comp.lang.c being removed from OzEmail's newsserver, and our news-sucking script being unable to handle the situtation. comp.lang.c removed from the downloads.

      A noticed increase in the kicker script running.

      several users forgetting proper leeching etiquette.

      After problems with OzEmail's web cache, the squid server on Bombadil was reconfigured to fetch directly, rather than 'properly' through the suspect upstream cache. Changed back after phf had problems using authentication.

      DNS master-- more secondaries? ('reciprocal'?) Aside: (Collaroy Cricket Club) would appear to receive commercial sponsorship, and should probably not be DNS-hosted by APANA systems.

      Bad disk hardware crashes on June 6th. At approx 4am Kildall had another lock-up due to the controller/harddrive not responding, and had to be manually rebooted, but to no ill effect. Then an hour or so later, the same kind of fault appeared on Bombadil; however this time a file belonging to cas, and the entire /usr/local/lib directory was trashed and had to be restored from backup.

      Observed 'a lot' of dial-out attempts on Niggle, sometimes as many as 5 times a day, although there has been only 24 in the past fortnight. The rate since the start of the year has been approx 30 a month.

    Motion that the sysadmin report be received by Peter Freye.
    Seconded by Laura Seabrook.
    Motion Carried.

  8. Business arising from reports

      Carolyn mentioned the problem from Malware and suggested that members maintain up-to-date installations of AdAware or similar products.

      There were 2 calls for help from members, answered and assisted by Carolyn. Helen Brady renewed membership.

      Chris mentioned about the DNS issue with hosting the Cricket Club who had been supported commercially - ads on their web page. Against APANA policy.

      Carolyn said that the MC would be consulted about it.

      Chris said that the Niggle dropouts (about 30/month increasing with wet weather were worrying.

      Carolyn suggested that other components, eg modems or PSU may be to blame for the dropouts.

      Marc said he may soon have a 6GB HD spare for donation.

  9. General Business

      Fees to remain as they are at present.

      Peter produced a new A5 flyer for the region, and had 1000 copies printed. He passed them out and members took a handful each to pass out.

      Marc asked Carolyn regarding Boolaroo Recycled Computers.

      Carolyn said it was on hold due to some unforseen problems with computer supply.

      Peter: Re CD-ROM production, there is a service that offers for $149 labelling direct print to CD. Note: to be clarified later.

      Carolyn and Laura discussed the acquisition of a "CD Stomper". Labelling disks using this will cost about $1 per disk.

      Laura suggested the use of WebPop (Web=based email). It is a new perl-based system called Opctapod. She will send Peter a url for him to investigate.

      Peter gave Chris a paper printout of a new hardware all-in-one router that might be used to replace Niggle.

      Carolyn discussed the need for an Occupational Health and Safety regime for volunteers working on the hub or other regionally owned equipment. It must be in place by 1 September 2003. We need to set policies, procedures and hardard idenification per the NSW OH&S Act. Laura volunteered to act as OH&S Officer for the region. She will send docs to Peter, and keep RC updated. More duscussion about this will occur in the MC list.

  10. Next meeting

    Date not set, Carolyn's place.

  11. Meeting officially finished at 3.23pm

(completed by Marc on 28/7/2003)