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  1. Meeting opened at 2.23 pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Carolyn Baird
    • Chris Baird
    • Peter Freye
    • Laura Seabrook
    • Ross Slade
    • Marc Walters

  3. Apologies:

    • No apologies.

  4. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      RM for February 23 were circulated.

    Motion that minutes read and confirmed by Laura Seabrook.
    Seconded by Ross Slade.
    Motion Carried.

  5. Business arising from previous minutes:


  6. Regional Report:

    • Financial Status

        Current balance as of 12 April: $743.

        All outstanding bills have been paid.

    • Equipment status and function

        Kildall experienced a failing hard drive.

        Cray's motherboard failed.

        Giles' motherboard and power supply failed.

        Cray and Giles were rebuilt.

        Equipment was donated by members William O'Brien and Marc Walters.

    • Membership

        1 new member since previous meeting. Currently at 47 members.

    • Complaints


    • Expenditure

        Telstra refunded $33.58.

      Motion that the reports be received by Peter Freye.
      Seconded by Laura Seabrook.
      Motion Carried.

  7. System Administrator's Report

    Admin Report for 24 Feb - 13 Apr 2003 - Chris Baird

      Apache 1.3.9 with the perl and php4 modules were installed on Kildall. This is intended as the alternative web-server for the region, when facilities like PHP/MySQL/etc. are not available or possible on Bombadil.

      phpBB2 forum software also installed on Kildall, but later taken down.

      MySQL 3.22, a database engine, on Kildall.

      Enquiry about using a hardware firewall by phf.

      On March 4th, a bug in the /var/lib/http/data/ch script changed the access permissions to the main /var/lib/httpd/data directory on Bombadil to 'unreadable'. Script was fixed to check this doesn't happen. Noone admits to being logged-in as root and causing the problem in the first place.

      In early March, the hard-drive on Kildall started acting up again, a problem with bad sectors.

      Cray was taken down without notice by cas on March 12, contrary to root usage policy. During the downtime there were proposals to retire Cray completely and move the majordomo server to either Kildall or Bombadil. After several days, a replacement machine was built (Pentium 90, 16 MB RAM, ISA Video, NE2000, Cray's HD) giving the region a machine that is entirely under the jurisdiction of the Hunter RC.


        "Goboldygoop" appearing in dial-in PPP logins likely due to a modem not resetting completely. Not known to have reoccurred.

        The "private" members-only hunter account on Bombadil was appearing in the Region's automatically-generated webpage information. The Giles:/root/make-userwww script was fixed to prevent this.

      Late March:

        When attempting to install SNMP on Cray, it was necessary to upgrade the Linux kernal to version 2.2.25.

        Bad sectors are becoming a real problem on Kildall.

      Early April:

        A Large amount of cross-posted "pro-war kook spam" from aus.politics and aus.general, causing the newsserver to clog up the outgoing network bandwidth. Messages crossposted to 4 or more newsgroups are now no longer forwarded to OzEmail's servers (who won't accept them anyway).

        A failure in Gile's motherboard destroyed its own switch-mode power-supply (and several others during testing). The entire machine was replaced with hardware that had been donated by member Billy O'Brien.

        After an immediate backup, Kildall had its hard-drive low-level formatted with a bad sector check (several times). After approx 12 hours of testing the system was fully restored.

        (NB: one of CJB's personal machines, "Zorilla", in having almost identical hardware to that used on the Hunter LAN, and with a removable hard drive rack, made the operation very convenient and easy. A suggestion for the region is to always have a "scratch Monkey" machine like that around for immediate action. Currently there is really not enough hardware remaining after replacing both Cray and Giles to make one.)

        Full network backup written o CDR on April 12th.

    Motion that the sysadmin report be received by Ross Slade.
    Seconded by Peter Freye.
    Motion Carried.

  8. Business arising from reports

      Some discussion about the ratio of busy versus unanswered telephone calls for April, which might indicate line quality problems.

      Treasurer Carolyn said that our finances were stable but advised not to reduce them any further at this stage.

  9. General Business

      Fees to remain as they are at present.

      Laura displayed her design for the CD cover for the Boolaroo Recycled Computers (BRC) project. It was met with favourable comments.

      Peter raised some questions regarding the BRC and finding a suitable Linux distribution that suited the machines it was required for. Unfortunately a promising distribution, "Noppix" requires at least 80MB of RAM. BRC machines have 32MB RAM and 4GB HD space.

      Chris will continue to examine other candidates, and is waiting for CA (?) distros.

      Marc mentioned that perhaps Lindows and Newdeal may be worth looking into.

      Carolyn announced that she had been elected President, Public Officer and Staff Liason Officer on the Management Committee of BRC.

      Carolyn brought attention to 1.44MB floppy disks and warned that the quality seems to be poor with some brands, and recommended that they be reformatted before use. She will put a notice to the Hunter-Members mailing list regarding this issue.

      Carolyn brought to the committee's attention that ISP IDL had a new introductory fee structure for broadband - including a 10GB download cap.

      Chris mentioned that there was a potential problem with malware probing ports on the network's computers. Chris is to investigate possible faulty modems.

      Peter requested that members send him content for the website.

  10. Next meeting

    8 June, Carolyn's place.

  11. Meeting officially finished at 4.05 pm

    (completed by Marc on 13/04/2003)