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  1. Meeting opened at 2.21pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Carolyn Baird
    • Chris Baird
    • Helen Donaldson
    • Peter Freye
    • Andrew Glazebrook
    • Laura Seabrook
    • Ross Slade
    • Marc Walters

  3. Apologies:

    • Pearl Ridgeway
    • Ian Sampson

  4. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      Alterations were made:

      Attendee added: Pearl Ridgeway

      Apology added: Ian Sampson

      System Administration Report errors were noted: Corrections pending.

      Motion that minutes read and confirmed by Ross Slade.
      Seconded by Peter Freye.
      Motion Carried.

  5. Business arising from previous minutes:

      General agreement to do better next time regarding the non-happening of the BBQ.

      It was noted that the RC meeting was supposed to take place on the second Sunday of every second month and that thias meeting should have taken place two weeks ago.

  6. Regional Report:

      Financial Status

        Current balance is $937.

      Equipment status and function

        UPS installed. A short blackout was noted the previous week. The UPS kept the machines and modems up, although some of the modems had to be resetted later.


        1 new member since previous meeting.


        Alex Ivanshenko - PC configuation issue, fixed.


        Purchased UPS for $210.

      Motion that the reports be received by Laura Seabrook.
      Seconded byChris Baird.
      Motion Carried.

  7. System Administrator's Report

      Motion that the sysadmin report be received by Ross Slade.
      Seconded by Laura Seabrook.
      Motion Carried.

  8. Business arising from reports

      Carolyn sent fax to Telstra regarding the overbiilling of one of the lines. She expects between $24 to $38.44 to be reimbursed.

      Peter aasked about activity from trojan programs. Carolyn answered that a firewall was installed for the machine that had the wireless connection.

      Carolyn also said that Ad-Aware was also installed on all machines and recommendeed that all Hunter APANA members protect their machines with this software to lessen the waste of unauthorised bandwidth usage.

      Chris said that Bombadil and some member's systems got hammered a bit by the Code Red worm attempting to find a way in, and it wasn't successful.

  9. General Business

      Fees to remain as they are at present.

      Carolyn asked Laura about the ads. Laura said that the planned advertisements had been on hold while her computer was being repaired and will be worked on before next meeting.

      Peter brought up the issue of the new member page. He would fix the issue with the Add-Members formbeing inadvertantly sent when visited by bots. Carolyn suggested Peter get scripts from Gary Richardson that fix this problem.

      Peter asked Chris about the attempt to put MySQL on Bombadil. Chris replied that unfortunately there was a threading problem that prevented this and said he will try to install MySQL on Kildall.

      Carolyn gave details of the request from Valda at the Lake Macquarie Neighbourhood Information Centre for Hunter APANA to install Internet connectivity on the linux-PCs they intended to sell to the public.

      Pearl Ridgeway tendered her resignation from the Hunter APANA Regional Committee.

      LMNIC has applied for 1000 ex-government PCs with the intention to refurbish them and sell them at low cost to the public through their business Lake Macquarie Computer Recyclers. The target would be low-income earners in need of PCs for home use. The operating system will be Linux due to Microsoft's NPO-unfriendly licence requirements. For an Internet connection, they asked if Hunter APANA could set them up with an account at Hunter APANA. In return, they would pay APANA $10 per machine.

      The LMNIC anticipates receiving 28 computers by the end of March, all Pentium-based or better.

      Various options were considered.

      Carolyn talked about "Computer Angels", a similar organisation in Perth that is assisted By Perth APANA. Jeremy of Perth APANA had told her that they used a modified Debian distribution of Linux which can be shared with other non-profit organisations.

      Chris discussed the possibilities of modifying the Computer Angels Debian to include the Internet connection and account setup.

      Although LMNIC is considering the use of Red Hat Linux and to have Hunter APANA configure each machine for Internet acess via Hunter APANA as required, it may be more efficient to provide their computer technician with a special distribution, perhaps based on CA Debian, than provides turnkey installation and Internet configuration.

      A general discussion ensued concerning the possibility that Hunter APANA would be pushed into an unofficial Linux support role, and it was decided to ensure that this not happen. Also, care would need to be taken to prevent new members gained from this scheme to view APANA as an "inexpensive ISP".

      Laura said that she could talk with an organisation called Computer Bank, which carried out a similar role to that of CA and LM Recycled Computers. She could perhaps gain some insight into how they handled the various issues that inevitably cropped up in operations such as this.

      Andrew asked if there would be problems if we preferred to use a customised distribution instead of LMNIC's planned Red Hat. Carolyn replied that they were not set on any particular Linux distribution at this stage, so no foreseeable problem.

      A basic set of roles for this project were agreed on:

      • Peter to produce the default web pages that first appear when the new computer owners access the Internet.
      • Laura to produce any artwork required (eg for CD-ROMs).
      • Chris to investigate posibility of producing the custom installation.
      • Carolyn to obtain a reference machine loan from LMNIC to use for tests, and to obtain name and contact details of their technician.
      The rc will further discuss this matter via the RC mail list.

  10. Next meeting

    The next meeting was set for Sunday, 13 April.

  11. Meeting Close

    Meeting officially finished at 4.25pm

    (completed by Marc on 26/2/2003)