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  1. Meeting opened at 2.20pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Carolyn Baird (Ordinary Member, APANA Treasurer)
    • Chris Baird (Committee Member)
    • Helen Donaldson (Ordinary Member)
    • Ian Sampson (Ordinary Member)
    • Ross Slade (Deputy Regional Coordinator)
    • Laura Seabrook (Ordinary Member)
    • Marc Walters (Regional Coordinator)

  3. Apologies:

    • No apologies were received.

  4. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

      A printed copy of minutes from the previous meeting (September 1st, 2002) was circulated and examined by all present.

  5. Business arising from previous minutes:

  6. Regional Report:

      Financial Status

        Account balance is $930.

      Equipment status and function

      1. A dialin modem was not answering and would be looked into. It may require replacement.

      2. The "local_only" www directory was not functioning correctly, allowing non-local (ie non-Hunter APANA network) accesses.

      3. There was some doubt regarding the legalities of the NNTP cache software in use. Chis had resolved it prior to the meeting, but was considering replacing it with software available nder the GPL licence.

      4. The possibility of having a www-based discussion forum arose. There are a number of options, such as the free Perl-based Discus from Discusware.

      5. Discussion re email issue to member's computer Shiraz (UUCP membership).

      6. Dialins:

        • November: 341 incoming unanswered, 297 busy signal.
        • October: 19 incoming unanswered, 114 busy signal.
        • September: 24 incoming unanswered, 72 busy signal.

        This seems to indicate one of the modems was faulty (See point g).

      7. Discovered in early December that the first modem had a bad phone cable - 10 bad connection attempts.

      8. A number of power surges were experienced, including one outage that disabled the modems from 4.50pm - 12.30am the Friday before this meeting.


      Membership total is 45. This can be broken down to:

      • 25 Dial in
      • 3 permanent connection
      • 3 UUCP members
      • 7 mail and usenet only
      • 2 ethernet connections
      • 3 organisation members

      2 additional members joined since previous meeting


      No complaints were received.


      The phone bill (Telstra) had been paid. $676 is due by the end of January, and $118 of that due by end of December 2002. No outstanding bills for November or December.

  7. System Administrator's Report

      Andrew Glazebrook moved from permanent connection to dialup (required port change and rerouting). Additionally, sendmail was changed from a 4 hour to a bounce message queue.

      Kildall spontaneously erased files several times in September. Chris spent time cleaning up bad clusters.

      sudo on Giles ~hunter account

      Sendmail death on Giles

      nntpcache threats from software licensee were dealt with.

      Helen Brady's account moved from uucp to mail-forwarding until February.

      php/mysql proto project on Bombadil failed.

      Installed a permanent port 1214 block on Kezza

      Mailbomb issue with Pik on November 10th.

      Discovered spamming by a member and reported breach to RC.

      Ozemail news server shakeup:

      • dropped net.* and fm.* groups
      • Shiraz updated
      • news fetch/active updated
      • news configuration was changed twice

      Bombadil news poll cleanup through Kildall. Changed to 4 hours. The fetching of some aus.* newsgroups was affected.

  8. Business arising from reports

      Carolyn to rotate the modems to determine which is the faulty one.

      Carolyn's phone line 49536253 that was being used for ADSL testing was charged by Telstra at business rates ($33.95 per month) instead of at the residential rate ($19.50). Carolyn will persue the matter with Telstra and report the results.

      Committee discussed converting the spare line (see point b) to ISDN.

      Discussion regarding the wireless connection supplying the extra bandwidth required by Carolyn to carry our her online duties as APANA Treasurer. Carolyn inquired as to whether any need for spare wireless bandwidth could be utilised by other members, and if so then could the traffic limit would have to be increased to 3GB from the current 500MB. Committee declined the offer for financial reasons.

      A motion was moved by RC Marc Walters that the spare line remain in place (see point b) for 2 months for Carolyn to work out the issue with Telstra and convert it to Telstra ISDN Home.
      Seconded by SA Chris Baird.
      Motion was Carried.

  9. General Business

      Fee Structure

      A motion was moved by RC Marc Walters that the existing Hunter regional fee structure remain in place.
      Seconded by Ross Slade.
      Motion Carried.

      Wireless network setup for Hunter region members. No resolution was made.

      Laura Seabrook to be appointed to Committee

        A motion was moved by DC Ross Slade to appoint Laura Seabrook to the Regional Committee as an Ordinary Member.
        Seconded by RC Marc Walters.
        Motion was Carried.

      Aquisition of an Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) was discussed. It is hoped that this will reduce equipment failures and wear.

        Motion by RC Marc Walters that SA Chris Baird purchase a suitable UPS or power line conditioner for use with the modems and Niggle and Giles.
        Seconded by DC Ross Slade.
        Motion was Carried.

      The Regional Committee authorised Chris to spend up to $350.

      The discussion regarding Flyers and Pamphlets planned by Laura was tabled to the next meeting.

      A Motion was moved by DC Ross Slade that a barbeque/maintenance day at Carolyn's place on January 13th, before the next regional committee meeting.
      Seconded by OM Laura Seabrook.
      Motion was Carried.

  10. Next meeting

    Motion moved by DC Ross Slade that regional committee meetings be held on the second Sunday of every second month, beginning with February.
    Seconded by Ian Sampson
    Motion was Carried.

    Next regional committee meeting to be held on February 9, 2003.

  11. Meeting Close

    The meeting officially finished at 4.30pm

    (completed by Marc on 16/2/2003)