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  1. Meeting opened at 2.14pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Marc Walters
    • Chris Baird
    • Carolyn Baird
    • Peter Freye
    • Laura Seabrook
    • Helen Donaldson

  3. Apologies

    • Ross Slade

  4. The Deputy Regional Co-ordinator, Marc Walters was appointed to chair the meeting.

  5. Minutes of the previous committee Meeting

    A printed copy of minutes from the previous meeting were circulated and examined by all present.

    Accepted by Laura; seconded by Chris.

  6. Regional Report:

    In the absence of a Regional Co-ordinator's report the Financial statements were passed around by the Treasurer.

    Accepted by Laura; seconded by Peter.

  7. System Administrator's Report for mid-July to August

    • The Snort intrusion-detection utility was installed on Kildall, with the aim of using it to catch any system compromise attempts that regular maintainence might miss. Not working entirely to spec as yet.

    • On July 19, Cray's harddrive failed. Replacement hardware was on-hand and the system was quickly restored from a (month-old) backup.

    • Trojan Windows security probe software detected on a member's system and later removed, using a (nagware) trojan cleaner and some regedit hacking (to remove a modified 'custom' program that the commercial software didn't know about). For the record, the trojans where SubSeven, a compromised version of mIRC, and 'RDVS'.

    • Backup scripts rewritten and moved to Kildall, with the intention of performing these more regularly/automatically. To save on media costs, CDRW discs are being used, but this requires burning them from Brushtail.

    • Proposal for a "/cdrom3" to hold essential network software that members will need (AdAware, etc.)

    • The switch of Kastlore to UUCP was posponed for a month.

    • The 'old' Tomaree UUCP account was reactivated.

    • A problem with Squid (on Bombadil) being unable to handle requests required its restarting. The problem has not since reoccurred.

    • 'Every search-engine and its dog' trying to index the webspace every _hour_. robot.txt was updated to avoid them spidering 'uninteresting' system reports.

    • More members are forgetting "The first rule of APANA/Hunter", and 'leeching' on the link for extended periods of 'on-peak' time.

    • Some unused permlink ports on Giles disabled; MRTG updated accordingly.

    • ipfilters rules added to block a persistant porn weblink spammer.

    • A Kildall harddrive lockup occured on August 26. Sponateous kernel panics have occured a few time since then. Possible RAM flakiness?

    • rosco is considered the DNS master. baron/kezza DNS entires corrected.

    • The Current system uptime record goes to Niggle, at 145 days. Accepted by Ross; seconded by Marc.

    Accepted by Marc. Seconded by Peter.

  8. Proposals

    • The motion was put by Marc to appoint Ross Slade to the position of Acting Regional Co-ordinator. Seconded by Chris. Passed unanimously.

    • The motion was put by Chris to appoint Marc Walters to the position of Acting MC Representative. Seconded Laura. Passed unanimously.

    • The motion was put by Marc to cancel the surplus phone lines ASAP. Seconded by Peter. Passed unaimously. AP Treasurer.

    • The Treasurer requested permission to restructure member's dues on database by creating new categories to allow greater flexibility in frequency of payments. It was proposed that both dialin and perm members be provided with categories to pay monthly, quarterly, half-yearly or yearly while all other categories would be yearly. Accepted by Chris. Seconded by Laura. Passed unanimously.

    • The Treasurer requested permission to update the webpage to show the breakdown of costs involved in the lump-sum that members pay for their access and change any terminology to reflect the region's position as a club. Discussion followed. While most members of the RC agreed with this idea, the RC requested that a draft of the changes be prepared before final approval could be granted.

    • The motion was put by Marc to reduce the total yearly contribution for standard dialin members from $212 to $180. Seconded by Peter. Passed unanimously.

    • The motion was put by Marc to increase the contribution from mail/news only members who use the dialins to connect by $10 per year. No seconder. Motion denied.

    • The motion was put by Marc to review the cost of contributions with regard to membership changes at each RC meeting and revise rates if necessary. Seconded by Laura. Passed unanimously.

  9. Business pending from previous meetings

    October 20, 2002 was confirmed as the date for the Annual Regional General Meeting. It will be held at Carolyn's place at 2pm.

  10. General Business

    • Chris suggested that the number of 'unanswered' and 'busy' calls be closely monitored over the next 3 months to ensure that the reduced number of lines and/or modems are continuing to adequately serve the region's members.

    • Concern regarding the increased numbers of spam, hoaxes and scam emails being received were raised. Chris reported that this was a worldwide problem and although he has implemented a growing number of IP-blocks on regular spam sites, it was not feasible to block sites such as Yahoo and Hotmail - the origin of much of these types of emails.

    • Laura requested permission to distribute a flyer or brochure advertising APANA and the Hunter Region at the 'This Is Not Art Festival' to be held in Newcastle in October. Carolyn reported that the existing flyer was out-of-date and needed revamping. Laura volunteered to update the flyer for general use and to produce a 'special purpose' brochure for distribution at the festival. The RC agreed and Laura was appointed in charge of 'Promotions/Advertising' for the region. (If members wish to distribute copies of the new flyer or have a 'special purpose' brochure produced then please contact Laura Seabrook ).

    • Peter requested permission to use the region's webpages in his TAFE project. The RC agreed unanimously.

    • Peter then asked if there were any updates or features that anyone would like implemented. Carolyn suggested a webpage which denotes the 'special interests or hobbies' of Hunter members so that existing and new members would have a reference for making local contact with others who share their interests and could share downloaded information and programs relating to them.

    • The motion was put by Marc to appoint Peter as the new Webmaster for the Hunter Region. Seconded Laura. Passed unanimously.

    • Peter was then requested to revamp Hunter's website as it is now more than 2 and a half years since this was last done. AP Peter Freye. (If any member has any suggestions and/or would like to request any new features on our website then please contact Peter ).

    • Peter then distributed information regarding PAC files required for automatic configuration. It was resolved that Peter liaise with Chris on setting up scripts to implement this procedure. New project. AP Peter Freye and Chris Baird.

  11. Next meeting

    The next meeting was set to follow the Annual Regional General meeting on October 20, 2002.

  12. Meeting officially finished at 4.36pm

(completed by Carolyn on 13/9/02)