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Meeting held at the house of Carolyn Baird

  1. Meeting declared open at 2:10pm

  2. Members Present:

    • Chris Baird
    • Marc Walters
    • Peter Longworth
    • Carolyn Baird

  3. Apologies
    • Ross Slade

  4. Minutes of the previous meeting - October 28th, 2001.

    A printed copy of minutes from the previous regional meeting were circulated by Chris and examined by all present.

    Minutes accepted by Marc; seconded by Peter.

  5. Regional co-ordinator's report including:

    (Passed around with the previous meeting's minutes.)

    • Current financial status
    • Current equipment status and function
    • Current membership status and changes
    • Complaints received and action taken
    • Expenditure for approval
    • Bad Connection report

    Accepted by Marc; 2nd'd by Peter

    Discussion following: regarding how membership numbers would affect Hunter's services.

  6. System Administrator's Report

    • New procedure for superuser usage.
    • Policy of off-system notification to security problems.
    • Observation of attempted security-hole probes from outside the Network.
    • DNS update for the machines skunk, weasel, polecat, mink, and stoat.
    • Experiences with the Dingoblue "backup" connection.

    System problems:

    • Newsserver downtime over the New Year.
    • 'The Great Bunyip Crash of 2002'.
    • Problems with Coax-based Ethernet used by the Hub machines.
    • Removal of Leon Garde from the Sysadmin team.
    • Non-threatening ext2fs bug discovered on Bombadil.
    • Random one-off Kildall hardware crash during December.

    Completed projects:

    • Software reinstalled/upgraded (nntpcache, compilers, newsreaders).
    • New web-server status summary software.
    • Separating the Hunter LAN into two physical networks.
    • New backup scripts for all Hunter machines.
    • Modem monitoring script fixed.
    • System log recording on Giles extended.

    Pending/incomplete projects:

    • Project to merge Giles and Niggle.
    • 3x SCSI CDROM drives ready for installation into Bombadil.
    • persistent "hanging newsgroup" problem in nntpcache.

    Discussions that followed:

    • Explanation of port probing.
    • Modem utilization.

  7. Proposals

    • Offering the two underutilized dial-in modems to members considering a permanent connection, otherwise discontinuing these from the modem bank.

      Unanimous agreement to make the offer until March 1st, and disconnecting after that date.

  8. Other Business

    • Consideration of Pacific Internet as a long-term access provider.

      On information provided by Carolyn, there was unanimous agreement to use SPT as a 'backup plan' if the access to Worldcom/OzEmail were threatened.

    • Improving the quality and fairness of member's access to the Internet.

      Marc and Peter agreed (with Chris abstaining) that blocking of access to services such as KaZaA should be only undertaken on a per-member basis, and only if the member fails to curb their 'greedy' hold on the network bandwidth after being notified by Chris.

  9. Next Meeting: 7/14th of April 2002.

  10. Meeting officially finished at 4:45 pm

(completed by Chris on 15/6/02)