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Meeting held at the house of Carolyn Baird

  1. Meeting declared open at 2.23 p.m

  2. Members Present:

    • Peter Longworth
    • Marc Walters
    • Andrew Glazebrook
    • Ross Slade
    • Peter Frey
    • Carolyn Baird

  3. Guest
    • Steven Call

  4. Apologies
    • Mick Oliver

  5. Minutes of May 20th, 2001 Regional Meeting: A printed copy of the previous minutes was circulated and read by all present. Andrew approved the minutes. Seconded by Marc. Accepted unanimously.

  6. Regional Report: The Following documents were circulated and read by all present.
    • The Co-ordinator's Report for May
    • Copy of Telstra's June & July accounts
    • Hunter Region's current financial summary for July with June summary for comparison
    • Financial statement for the year to date with June statement for comparison
    • Financial forecast to June 2002 with June statement forecast for comparison


    • Introduction:

      The highpoint of this month was Carolyn Baird's appointment to the position of National APANA Treasurer at the 2001 APANA National AGM , held earlier this month in Sydney. Congratulations Carolyn!

      Hunter APANA can also pride itself on having the most members of any region present at the 2001 National AGM with 8 members from our region present. Hunter APANA was also congratulated on the success of expanding its membership base and is one of the more financially secure performing APANA regions.

      Hunter APANA received a warm thank you from the Management Committee Representative of the Sydney Region, David Fisher for the strong delegation we sent to APANA National's AGM.

    • Finances

      The financial situation in the region has improved marginally since last meeting. This is despite increasing Telstra line charges (up from $13.50-15.70 a month) and payment for Andrew Glazebrook's Cyclades port coming through earlier than expected. However, our bottom line would be far healthier if it weren't for the amount of overdue fees outstanding ($482.50) up $132.50 since last meeting. There are currently 8 members with fees overdue.

      Compared to the month of July (-$654) our finances in August to date (-$650) have improved by $6.00. If overdue memberships continue to lag our financial situation will become even more burdensome. On the other hand, if memberships are paid our financial situation is forecast to improve in Sept (-$48) by $666.00 and Hunter APANA should enter into the black again by November ($263) excluding any unforeseen circumstances.

    • Equipment

      Since last meeting there have been no equipment purchases.

      It was decided by the Regional Committee to reject the purchase of a bank of 16 modems by Sydney APANA. Approved - Andrew, Seconded - Mark. The main concern expressed about the modems was the difficulty with installing & configuring them at the hub. Hunter APANA cannot afford any more additional modems until our finances improve.

    • Members

      Our membership base now stands at 49 members for the reason - down 5 members since last meeting. There are now 29 dialup members, 6 permanent connection members, 3 uucp members, 6 mail-news members, 1 ethernet member & 4 additional members in household.

    • Complaints

      There were 2 complaints received since last meeting.

      The first complaint involved a member not being able to FTP into sites. It was suggested the member checks his proxy server settings and notifies the admin. team of any speed lapses or connection problems while FTP'ing. The member was happy with this resolution.

      The second complaint dealt with the number of missed incoming calls for July's Telstra bill, which registered 49 missed calls. This means that modems weren't connecting ("handshaking") correctly with modems at Hunter APANA's hub

      A number of reasons could explain the large number of missed calls:

      • if 2 members call at simultaneous times it is possible only one member will get the available modem, meaning the other member gets a disconnect or engaged signal.

      • the other possible reason could involve a member(s) not having their modem(s) configured properly and this resulting in their line dropping out. Repeated calls can add up after time...

      If people are experiencing difficulties connecting to Hunter APANA it is important they immediately contact the Hunter APANA hub (phone: 49 54 89 12).

    • Conclusion

      The future of Hunter APANA depends on members paying their membership fees on time. It is extremely distressing when a non-profit organisation is starved of funds because membership fees are excessively overdue.

      Membership fees help to improve the services of Hunter APANA i.e acquire more phone lines, pay for more bandwidth, expand further into the Hunter Valley & Central Coast areas, and as a result provide greater community access to internet enthusiasts in a club-like atmosphere.

      As quoted, 8 members had membership fees outstanding ($482.50) in the month of August. Some of these members have had fees overdue for several months. This situation is unacceptable and we ask that members please pay their fees within a reasonable period of time.

      For those members who do promptly pay their fees, we extend a warm thank you !

      Peter Longworth
      Interim-Regional Co-ordinator (for August)

  7. Sysadministrator's Report

    • The report highlighted the fact there were 49 missed calls on Hunter APANA's latest Telstra bill.

    • Suggested improvements to Hunter APANA's website .
      • Putting older news into an archive section
      • Improving the appearance of the formatting i.e removing yellow colouring from web pages & making adjustments to the graphical & textual positioning.

  8. Other Business

    Marc Walters was elected as the new Hunter APANA Regional Co-ordinator & Andrew Glazebrook as the new Management Committee representative. One position of Ordinary Committee member was left vacant - to be filled at the Annual General Regional Meeting.

    A date was set for Hunter APANA's Annual General Meeting for Sunday, October 28, 2001 at 2 p.m.

    Andrew Glazebrook suggested ideas to better promoting the club-like services of Hunter APANA more effectively so as to foster social & technical discussion with the result of empowering APANA members to take a greater interest in Hunter APANA. His ideas included:

    • Hosting social event - barbecues, cafes etc
    • Mentoring service - helping members create their own webpages; teaching linux etc
    • Formulating and distributing a Hunter APANA newsletter via email.
    • 'Fixit days' to give advice and attempt to fix members' computer equipment / internet problems
    • Tour visits to other APANA areas as a way of sharing ideas and meeting other APANA members. Bringing new ideas back which might help promote and expand Hunter APANA's services.
    • Making announcements by email or telephone to members of upcoming events

    It was suggested that any engaged calls be logged and monitored.

    Hunter APANA received a visit from Mr. Steven Call, a Central Coast resident, who expressed strong interest in forming a Central Coast APANA region. The Regional Committee advised Mr. Call that endeavours had been made for some time to establish a Central Coast region and that the only obstacle preventing a Central Coast APANA region start-up, was money !

    Otherwise, the Committee advised a C.C APANA Region could be setup in virtually no time at all. Mr. Call was strongly encouraged to keep in contact with Carolyn Baird at the hub, and Craig Pickering on the Central Coast, so as to keep abreast of future developments pertaining to the establishment of a C.C APANA Region.

  9. The next meeting, which is Hunter APANA's Annual General Meeting, will be held on Sunday, October 28, 2pm at the hub.

  10. Meeting declared closed at 3.58 pm.

(completed by Peter on 12/10/01)