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Meeting held at the home of Carolyn Baird.

  1. Meeting declared opened at 2.15pm.

  2. Members Present:

    • Carolyn Baird
    • Gavin Condon
    • Peter Longworth
    • Andrew Glazebrook
    • Ross Slade

  3. Apologies:

    No apologies were received.

  4. Minutes of May 7th, 2000 Regional Meeting: A printed copy of the previous minutes was circulated and read by all present. Peter approved the minutes. Seconded by Gavin. Accepted unanimously.

  5. Regional Report: A copy of the Co-ordinator's report for July and a copy of Telstra's June account were circulated. Carolyn advised that due to problems with the Treasurer's site a copy of the end of year financial statement was unable to be obtained in time for the meeting, so details of only the 'bottom line' figure were available.


    • Finances:

      During the months of May, June and July, our finances continued to improve. However the 'bottom line' of $1,021 is not a true reflection of our current financial status since our Ozemail account is still owing due to their failure to render any accounts this year until May (cf. #9).

    • Equipment:

      A few reported problems involving one or two modems not resetting properly. There have been only a couple of power surges this month but with all the machines connected to the UPS now none of them were affected but all the modems needed to be manually reset on those occasions.

      The CDROM in niggle refuses to mount any disks. The problem may be able to be rectified by rebooting the system but in the interim Rosco's drive which is in cray is still in use.

      One of the spare Pentiums is being converted into a newserver and if all goes well it should be on the network within a few of days.

      Some modifications have been made to our webpages and thanks go to Chris Roughsedge of the Wollongong Region for redesigning the APANA logo for our use

    • Members:

      There are currently 51 members of the region with one new member being added this week and three enquiries being received. 8 members are currently overdue with their access fees.

    • Complaints:

      Members are regularly making use of the hunter-support list to report or gain help with their problems and the only calls I have received during this period have been from members who'd encountered problems connecting mainly due to the modems not resetting properly. Repowering the modems fixed those problems.

    • Expenditure:

      There has been no expenditure requiring reimbursement for this period.

    • Conclusion:

      It's been another quiet month in the Hunter Region.

  6. System Administrator's Report:

    Gavin and Carolyn jointly reported that the following changes had taken place to the system:

    • Search engine capabilities had been installed and access to external search engines has been allowed.
    • The RC, Admin and Hunter-Members mailing lists had been relocated to Majordomo to halt the increasing amount of spam appearing on those lists. All the region's mailling lists are now located on cray.
    • Mailform capabilities have been installed on bombadil.
    • Rosco is currently working on a complete new design for our webpages. (Members can inspect it for themselves at - suggestions or comments welcome.)
    • Additional work is required to Valar (the newserver) before it can be connected to the network.

  7. Policies

      "Subject to unanimous approval by those members present at a Regional Committee meeting, equipment or services to the region MAY be accepted in lieu of payment for regional access."

    Proposed Carolyn. Seconded Gavin. Accepted unanimously.

  8. Proposals

    • Appointment of new Leader for Admin Team.

      Carolyn advised that Craig Pickering has submitted his resignation as leader of the Admin Team. Gavin nominated Ross Slade for that position. Carolyn seconded the nomination. Ross accepted. Ross Slade is Hunter APANA's System Administrator effective immediately.

    • Purchase of UPS.

      Carolyn requested permission to proceed with the purchase of a UPS to the value of $500 for the network subject to approval from the Management Committee of APANA. Permission granted by Peter. Seconded by Gavin. Approved by all.

      It was suggested that quotes be obtained from Harris Technology in Sydney and Oztec in Wollongong.

    • Installation of link phone line at Morisset for use by Central Coast members.

      Ross suggested that before the installation of the line at Morisset proceeds, that he test the proposed method on his permlink phonelink and request our member in Shoal Bay to test it for us. Ross advised that he would install EasyCall Call Forwarding on his line and advise Carolyn when ready for testing.

    • Approval of new design for Hunter webpages and adoption of new logo.

      Carolyn proposed that Ross's new design for the region's webpages and logo for Hunter APANA be adopted and installed once Ross had completed updating all the existing webpages. Seconded Gavin. Approved unanimously.

  9. Ozemail

    Carolyn advised that the Treasurer had received an account from Ozemail for the month of May which clearly showed Hunter APANA had been billed as a casual user. Following discussions with the Treasurer, she had contacted Ozemail's accounts department directly herself and following a lengthy discussion with them had been assured that a new account for the total balance owing for our permanent connection would be presented ASAP. Carolyn advised that the Treasurer had not notified receipt of that account. (The Treasurer advised on Monday, 24th July that he had received an account for $1802.54 - this figure is 2 months less that what either the Treasurer or I had anticipated - but according to Ozemail this will bring our account up-to-date. So this matter can now be regarded as resolved.)

  10. Discussion

    • Future direction of Hunter APANA including expansion into southern and northern areas.

      Discussion ensued concerning how far and fast expansion should proceed into adjoining areas. It was agreed in principle that subject to the region's ability to afford to foster new regions, there should be no physical limit on the extent of Hunter Region until there were sufficient members in any one area to allow the formation of a new region in that area.

    • Participation in Linux Installfest.

      Gavin advised that the Linux Installfest was being heavily sponsored by a number of commercial enterprises, so Hunter APANA's involvement in the entire Installfest was probably not warranted. However, on the Saturday only, the Installfest would be user-oriented and two of the members present at the meeting advised that they would most likely be attending and/or offering their expertise to assist with the day. It was generally agreed that Hunter APANA did not have the resources to be involved in this as a group, but that individual members who were attending would be willing to promote APANA to the best of their ability.

  11. Other Business

    No other business was tabled.

  12. The next meeting will be held following the Regional Annual General Meeting on Sunday, October 29th at the hub. Time to be advised.

  13. Meeting declared closed at 4.05pm.

(prepared by Carolyn on 31/7/00)