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Since the ethernet card in niggle was replaced and the problem with the cyclades was fixed the system appears to have been running quite reliably. The routing has been changed to make subnetting a bit easier and our webpages are in the process of being updated.

After the power supply for one of the Roadster II's died and two new Maestro 33.6K modems were purchased last week, it became apparent that the first line on the rotary was of exceptionally poor quality. It was then isolated from the network but even though this appears to have solved the random disconnections, line quality on the other 7 lines continues to be a problem for at least 2 of our members.

An RC meeting was held on Sunday, December 6th - the minutes of which are not yet available. Advertising for new members has become a priority since I have been advised to cancel one existing member (two minutes ago) and there's the prospect of two of our other members seeking transfers to the Sydney region within the next 3 months. All members of the RC have been equipped with copies of our flyer and will be distributing them over coming weeks. In addition an newspaper advertisement is in the process of being drawn up and we hope to have that published within the next 2 weeks.



The physical relocation of the hub was completed on Nov 1st, but due to problems with installing the cyclades card in giles, the old 4-port had to continue in use despite having one non-functional port. After only a few hours it became apparent that the ethernet card in niggle was also faulty. Within the first 2 days it also became apparent that our reverse DNS hadn't been delegated and only the first two lines were on rotary. Telstra was contacted and all 8 lines were correctly assigned to line hunt by the following day. The following weekend Ozemail corrected the reverse DNS problem and last Saturday a patch for the cyclades was installed and the ethernet card in niggle replaced by a spare NE2000 on hand.

Within the first week following relocation numerous reports of disconnections were received from members. However most appear to have been resolved this week with only one member still complaining of problems with line quality. The Admin team continues to monitor the lines and the modems but as yet have been unable to find the source of that member's problem.

A flyer for the Hunter Region was designed and 100 copies produced in preparation for a computer fair last Sunday. Unfortunately the fair was washed out, but those flyers are now in the process of being distributed at Newcastle and Glendale TAFEs by members of the RC.

There have been 3 enquiries in the past fortnight from prospective new members but as yet none of these have submitted an application to join. Now that the system appears to be fully operational and running reliably the RC plans to hold its next meeting sometime in the next 2 weeks to discuss avenues for enticing new members to the region including newspaper advertising.

The RC has received the offer of a CD-ROM drive from member, Jason Mulligan, which we will be accepting and hope will solve our some of future installation difficulties.



Our situation remains unchanged since Monday. We have gone just about as far as we can in readying the system for the final stage of the relocation of the hub, but until the DNS changes are in place and Ozemail routes our subnet (which we were advised by them was supposed to happen yesterday, but hasn't eventuated yet) there is little more we can do.

In the past few weeks we've had one member resign; one new member admitted and another member join our Admin Team which now is 5 strong.

The adjourned Annual Regional Meeting is to take place on Sunday, October 25th at 1pm (same place). Carolyn


Just a quickie - we're still waiting on OzEmail to get their butts into gear and route our subnet.



Nothing much going on. Relocation planned for this Sunday (23rd August), provided that OzEmail are able to process the application quickly enough (application went in yesterday).



Slowly but surely working up to the relocation. Most of the parts are in place now, it's just a matter of putting them all together. We'll probably wait until the start of August, as there doesn't seem much point paying ~$300 for one week of connectivity.


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Turns out Telstra didn't actually install the lines when they'd said they had - they installed the MDF (and cable to it), but not the lines themselves. This was done last week.

We are *still* waiting to get our hard disk back from the manufaturer (it went in for servicing under warranty). We can't do a lot until that comes back, but we're about to sic our Deputy Co-ordinator on them, which should get some pretty prompt action. :-)

Slight hitch with the modem purchase - the 33k6 Netcomm modems we had decided on are apparently no longer available (at least no local suppliers are confident that they could fill an order for 10 - one or two maybe, but not 10). We are currently reviewing options, but it looks like we will have to purchase a smaller number of modems (the Netcomm 33k6's were nice and cheap - others aren't so inexpensive) and fill the gap with borrowed 28k8's and a couple of 14k4's we already own.

Carolyn Baird has donated a 486DX2/66 to the region. This will be used to handle the dialin modems in the new setup. The paperwork for this and Gavin Condon's donation of a P133 has yet to be done.

We've create an admin team, with myself in charge and Gavin Condon and Craig Pickering assisting. This should reduce the load on the previous (lone) admin (me), and reduce potential problems should the previous (and current) admin disappear under a bus.

Matt McLeod,


At this month's RC meeting, the relocation plan was approved, and Peter Longworth appointed as Membership Co-ordinator. More details are available from the HRC minutes at

We are currently waiting for Telstra to do the line installation at the new location.

Gavin Condon has donated a Pentium 133 plus motherboard and 32Mb of RAM. This will form the basis of the new hub.


Matt McLeod,


A real bastard of a month.

Our ISP (Dragon Internet) have decided to go block-happy, and blocked a whole heap of ports (but for outgoing connections only so far). These include HTTP, FTP, NNTP, and UUCP. There are probably others, but we haven't tripped over them yet (telnet/rlogin still work at least).

As a result, we're investigating purchasing a volume charged link from Telstra, and offering it as a "premium" service to members (members would pre-purchase incoming data in blocks of 100Mb or so). Mail and news would continue via the Dragon link.

At any rate, all this means that our outgoing news has been down for at least several days before it was noticed, and at present our main way of distributing local posts is via a UUCP-over-TCP feed from WA.

That's about it, but that's about enough anyway.


Well, here goes for another month...

A few things:


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No report.


Management Committee in recess - no report.