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No report.


The RC met last Saturday, and approved a couple of permlink proposals, including one for a PA, and another for a semi-PA (he won't be taking on general dialin users, but will provide permlinks). Also approved was the installation of an additional dialin lin at the hub.

We also changed our fees for 1998 to $40 regional membership, $100 hub access. Everyone using our network from inside will be required to be a member ($10 national fee, $40 regional fee), and if they want to dialin to the hub, then they pay the hub fee ($100).

This should see us in a position to replace attila (one of the hub machines - news, web, shell accounts, mail hub, proxy) in a year or two.


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Just to let everyone know that our ARM was held last night. It went OK, the new committee is the old committee (so I remain Co-ordinator). The turn-out was disappointing (only five members showed, with one apology/proxy).

The minutes, should anyone be interested, can be obtained from, under "Regional Administration".


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No report.


Rejoined APANA.