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Meeting held on April 16, 2007.


Meeting held on March 19, 2007.

The only thing has been the ADSL router needing frequent resetting. I should try opening it up to clean the dust out of it to see if it's an overheating problem. The line sync itself looks okay; it's the Ethernet connection/port that looks to be the issue.

In addition one faulty modem was replaced.


Meeting held February 27, 2007.

Power outages have occurred, fortunately UPS kicked in and kept machines up and running. One modem had locked locked up for 3 days and needed resetting. 5 members machines were sent to Carolyn for repair, including her own.


Meeting held on January 24, 2007.

Mail filtering changes - Chris has made drastic changes to mail filtering and as a result has made a significant reduction in the number of spam email coming through.