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Meeting held on December 17, 2007.

Hunter's Annual Regional Meeting was held on Saturday, December 15. It was not a 'big turnout' but at least all the members of the current RC were there. With no ex-RC nominations, it was just 'hat-reshuffling' time again. This time, however, we have a 'new' Regional Co-ordinator.

The Regional Committee for 2007/2008 is as follows:

Regional Co-ordinator: Helen Donaldson

Deputy Regional Co-ordinator: Carolyn Baird

Ordinary Members: Marc Walters, Chris Baird & Ross Slade

MC Representative: Helen Donaldson

Helen had previously obtained an IT Cert. III and has just completed the Business Administration Cert. III course at Glendale TAFE in which she achieved a typing speed of 100.5wpm with 99.6% accuracy.

Apart from that there is not much else to report except that Chris is looking at consolidating the existing 5 servers to cut down on electricity costs and save time in maintaining so many of them. If anyone has experience in doing that (ie. consolidating servers) he'd appreciate any helpful hints you can offer. Please contact him at


Meeting postponed - failed to make quorum.

I had two call-outs to fix members' machines. A diskcleanup and scan fixed one while uninstalling and reinstalling the firewall fixed the other....well, I actually reinstalled a different one this time - one that they are less likely to 'stuff up'. Hunter scored donations amounting to $38 for that.

2 more Hunter members have swapped to ECN dialups which now makes a total of 5. We now have only 5 remaining members on our dialins.

One of Hunter's expired members renewed for 18 that they'll still be financial next year after their Christmas break.

Last month I cancelled two of Hunter's dialins...but now it's looking like another can go if we slip back into the red in the near future....currently we have a surplus of $5 per month....but all this month's bills are yet to come.


Meeting postponed - failed to make quorum.


No meeting held due to AGM on September 22, 2007.

Ongoing hardware problems with both Niggle and Cray indicate that replacements for them are overdue. Coupled with Hunter's financial situation and the drop in membership it would seem advisable at this time to reduce the number of machines on the network.

I have asked Steve Fraser to set up Hunter connects to ECN. At the moment there are two members waiting for that connection but I have not heard from Steve as yet that it has been done. This will allow us to reduce the number of dialins and advertise the 56K dialups to other members in the hope that we'll be able to interest the majority of them in paying a higher fee for a faster connection and therefore be in a position to cancel most of the dialin lines.

It is hoped that approval will be given by the RC to cancel two of the dialin lines (at least) before the end of the month.


Meeting held on August 20, 2007.

Fairly quiet apart from a few intermittent problems with DNS. A reboot of 'niggle' solved the problem


MC Meeting held on July 16, 2007.

All quiet and nothing to report. Carolyn was rewarded with toys for her grandchildren for computer repairs.


Meeting held on June 18, 2007

Hunter region experienced wild weather and as a result they lost power and water for 18 hours. There were a few minor leaks as well, but these have now been fixed. On restoration of the power, Chris booted up Bombadil, resulting in a blown power supply and damaged motherboard. A replacement machine was sourced from a generous member who donated a Celeron based PC, this is now running as Bombadil & working out well. One UPS appears to not to be working, probably due to it's age.


Meeting held on May 21, 2007.

An ongoing problem with the ADSL modem. Chris has blown the dust out from the inside however he suspects it's slowly dying and a new one will need to be sourced soon. Also "Cray" had severe problems which turned out to be caused by a faulty cooling fan.

John has suggested to look at replacing the ADSL modem with a PCI variety called "Pulsar" which is linux friendly and a linux package "Sensors" which monitors fans and in the event of failure, emails out a failure notice.


Meeting held on April 23, 2007.

Hunter has lost 2 members, however 3 new were gained! Equipment working well, apart from an electrical storm which temporarily knocked out a few machines for a short while.. all better now.


Meeting held on March 19, 2007.

The only thing has been the ADSL router needing frequent resetting. I should try opening it up to clean the dust out of it to see if it's an overheating problem. The line sync itself looks okay; it's the Ethernet connection/port that looks to be the issue.

In addition one faulty modem was replaced.


Meeting held February 27, 2007.

Power outages have occurred, fortunately UPS kicked in and kept machines up and running. One modem had locked locked up for 3 days and needed resetting. 5 members machines were sent to Carolyn for repair, including her own.


Meeting held on January 24, 2007.

Mail filtering changes - Chris has made drastic changes to mail filtering and as a result has made a significant reduction in the number of spam email coming through.