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Meeting held on December 17, 2003.

Summary: The period November-December was relatively quiet. The main concern being the low membership level.

  1. Membership:

    44, down 1 from last month.

  2. Finances:

    The region's cash balance is currently $670

  3. Equipment and Maintenance:

    The spare telephone line was cancelled by Carolyn. This has made a positive impact on club finances.

    Our Ozemail internet link was experiencing regular dropouts, so the modem was replaced with a more reliable unit - so far the incidence of connection failure has reduced dramatically, and is being monitored.

    An investigation has begun into electrical equipment tagging to comply with new workcover rules, via local company RapidTag.

  4. Regional Meetings:

    The most recent RC meeting was held on December 7. The next RC meeting is to be held on February 1, 2004.


Meeting held on November 19, 2003.

  1. The Annual Regional Meeting was held on Sunday 26 October at Carolyn's place. The meeting commenced after a BBQ lunch.

    The elections for the 2003/2004 positions were held, and the following results obtained:

    Regional Co-ordinator, MC Rep: Marc Walters
    Deputy Regional Co-ordinator: Ross Slade
    Ordinary Committee Members: Helen Donaldson, Peter Freye, Ian Sampson, Laura Seabrook

  2. The October 2003 Regional Committee Meeting was held immediately afterward.

    System report:
    The Saturday night prior to the Sunday meetings a torrential downpour managed force water through the roof and drip into the hub, damaging several computers. An all- night rescue effort by Carolyn and the Chris managed to avert disaster with the loss of only one PSU and motherboard.

    There are currently 45 members in the Hunter region.

    Current Balance is $666.


Membership: 45, up 2 since last month.

The region's cash balance is currently: $940

A member reported connection problems with one line. Admin replaced the modem and the line is being monitored.

The most notable admin event was the Swen worm, which almost crippled the region for several days as the mail server was flooded with messages. Fortunately the situation is subsiding.

The Hunter RC meeting for October is to be held on October 26 at 3pm, following the ARGM.


Meeting held on September 17, 2003.

Membership: 43, down 1 since last month. 2 Members lost, one member gained.

The region's cash balance is currently: $783.

Our machines suffered another hard disk failure, but Admin Chris managed to keep things going.

Also, for a period of several days two of our Telstra lines (fax and a dialin) were not working. Both have now been fixed.

The most recent Hunter RC meeting was held on the 14th September.

The next Monthly Hunter RC meeting is to be held on Sunday October 12th at 2pm.

The region's ARGM will be held on the same date back to back with the Committee meeting.

Our RC meeting on 14 September had a visit from the Nimbin Network Association Kali McGlaughlin which has 25 members. We have established a relationship with them.


Meeting held on August 20, 2003.

Membership: 44, down 2 from last month.

The region's cash balance is currently: $741. All bills have been paid for this month.

The run of quiet months was broken by the untimely death of one of our members, Patrick Mulligan.

The new edition of the Newcastle yellowpages had altered the category name under which APANA's entry was listed without consultation. 'Internet Services' was split into two sub-sections: 'Internet Access Providers' and 'Internet Web Services'.

APANA Hunter's entry was printed in the first section. Carolyn had them change it to the "Internet Services" for the time-being as any other changes would have required re-registration.

Our News server went down for a few hours on the 10th August due to a hard drive crash. Is now back up and running.

The most recent Hunter RC was held on the 27 July.

The next Monthly Hunter RC meeting is to be held on Sunday 7/9/03 at 2pm.


Meeting held on July 15, 2003.

None received.


Meeting held on June 29, 2003.

A quiet month.

The bimonthly Regional Committee meeting was held on Sunday, June 15th. Six members were present.

Current financial status is: $377. All bills have been paid. Finances are expected to improve in the following months as fees are due.

Membership is up slightly, at 46.

A set of A5 advertising flyers have been produced, with the intention for them to be displayed and handed out at appropriate community areas (educational institutions, shopping centres, workplaces, etc).

Some equipment failures including an increasingly flakey hard disk. Replacements are planned.


Meeting held on May 21, 2003.

Nothing much to report. We have a new member. As of 15 May our finances are $527 in the black. There have been no major hassles this month.


Meeting held on April 16,2003.

It was a busy period for the Admin Team with both hardware and software issues dominating, including:

Both Cray and Giles were rebuilt, online forum software was installed on Kildall and member William O'Brian donated some much-needed hardware.

One new member joined the region.

The region's account balance as of 12 April is $743.

The regional bi-monthly committee meeting was held on Sunday April 13, with 6 members present (5 RC and one general member). At the meeting discussion was dominated by the subjects of the project with Lake Macquarie Neighbourhood Information Centre and the recent equipment maintenance issues.


Meeting held March 19, 2003.

It was not so quiet this month, with several hardware issues causing concern:

The admin team installed database software so we could try out some DB-aware software such as message forums, etc.


Meeting held February 19, 2003:

The highlight of the month was the acquisition of the UPS - the 500VA "UPSonic"from CityWest computers. It is hoped that during power supply fluctuations the UPS will help prevent damage and wear on the modems and two of the computers.

The number of modem failures is significant enough to cause concern, AND the situation is being monitored with the UPS in place.

According to the Treasurer's report, our cash balance is $899.

The next RC meeting is to be held on 23/2/03

The Treasurer has received a proposal from Lake Macquarie Neighbourhood Centre to elicit APANA Hunter's help in configuring a Linux operating system for an internet connection with the Hunter Region on up to 1,000 ex-government machines which they hope to receive within the next 12 months. Further details are available from Carolyn, and the proposal is to be discussed in detail at next RC meeting.


Meeting held January 29, 2003:

A verbal report was received regarding a new line being connected and a UPS being back-ordered for $320.