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Over the past year the Hunter Region has been able to achieve almost all the goals that we set ourselves at this time last year.

  1. The money advance to us by the National body for the purpose of relocation of the hub has been fully repaid.

  2. The goal of 50 members, has been surpassed. Our current membership is 58 - an increase of 22 members since the last AGM.

  3. Despite periodic electrical supply problems and equipment failures, the downtimes of our network have been only a fraction of the downtimes of our feeder and other ISPs (according to the number of 'host unknown' bounces I regularly receive from my mailing lists).

  4. After major problems with our Ozemail connection at the beginning of the year - the only remaining problem appears to be frequent dropouts of that connection as evidenced by increased call costs on our phone bills.

  5. Failure of Ozemail to bill us since last October was finally sorted out mid-year with the help of the Treasurer.

  6. Our previous backup link to Dragon has been replaced with a 56K link to Dingoblue. The new link appears to be meeting our needs and functioning much better than anticipated. It is also less than 10% of the cost of our Ozemail link so it has proven to be an economical way of providing extra bandwidth for our members.

  7. Every effort was made during the past year to reduce expenditure until such time as there were sufficient funds for the purchase of a UPS. Agreement as to which one to buy is the only thing delaying that now.

  8. Hunter currently has an anticipated yearly income of $8,900 with ISP charges (using last month's figures which were the highest they have been in recent months) amounting to an estimated $7,350. This should allow us an amount of $1,550 to spend on the network during the next 12 months given that our current membership remains constant.

  9. The most noticeable thing about the region from my point of view is that over the last 6 months I have received no complaints from members. If there's a problem I get phone calls or email asking if I'm aware of it, but all members now appear to appreciate that the Admin Team will rectify the problem ASAP.

Apart from the occasional member with a personal computer-related problem, the regional members have been exceptionally quiet in recent months which I take as a sign that everything is running smoothly and all is well in the Hunter Region.

Carolyn Baird
Regional Co-ordinator
Hunter APANA