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We currently have 24 members listed in the APANA database, while examination of the system shows many more still in existence on the hub. However, investigation by the Admin Team and the RC has revealed that only 3 of these accounts are still active:

These accounts and the remaining ones will not be re-created at the time of relocation unless confirmation is received that they are APANA members and in future confirmation of APANA membership must be received before any new account will be created.


Finances to 30/9/98:

Balance at 30/9/97$806
Membership fees$2870
(Interest Allocation)($38)
TOTAL Fees$3408
Phone Rental$2766
TOTAL Expenses$4486
Net Surplus/Deficit($1078)

Finances to 17/10/98:

Membership fees$430
TOTAL fees$158
Phone Rental$132
TOTAL expenses($288)
BALANCE at 17/10/98($130)

(Notification of a further $260 received this week for membership fees but new balance remains to be confirmed by Treasurer).

Comment: Despite the expense involved in preparing for the relocation of the hub, the region has proven itself well able to cope financially to date with expenditure of such magnitude and continues to remain viable.

Financial Projection

The following figures are a guestimate of the financial situation of the region at the end of 98/99:

Balance at 30/9/97($272)
Membership fees
(based on expansion to
40 members - $4800 on current membership
Phone Rental
(Based on last
month's charges plus installation of extra line
ISP Charges
(based on rates of dearest ISP
-cheapest option ~$4000)
(Based on need to purchase additional modems
for increased membership)
(proposed budget allocation)
ESTIMATED BALANCE at 30/9/99$1828

Comment: This indicates that growth is essential if we are to maintain our financial viability in the long-term. Trimming costs to the bone will see us $800 in debt if there is no increase in membership, so minimum of 4 new members required urgently.


attila/ (donated by cas)


Equipment losses: (1) faults; (2) stocktake error; (3) missing

On short-term loan from Andrew Glazebrook to cease when relocation is complete:


Admin Team:

The following members have volunteered to be on the Admin Team.

Relocation of the hub:

One last effort is to be made this week to get Ozemail to route our subnet. However if no progress has been made by Thursday evening, our contract with them will be cancelled and we will be seeking a connection through Telstra.

We are also awaiting our DNS changes to be completed. Without either the subnet being routed correctly or the DNS changes being made there is no way anything further can be done with regard to relocating the hub. However, once confirmation is received that one or the other or both has been done, then the relocation can be finalised. The relocation will take place next weekend if positive news is received this week concerning either of these events. Otherwise everything is in readiness for the relocation to proceed and every effort will be taken to keep downtime to a minimum whenever the relocation does finally takes place.


Since taking over from Matt as Regional Co-ordinator on September 27th, I have been extremely gratified by the support and co-operation I have received from all the members of Hunter APANA with whom I've had contact. I believe that although we are currently the smallest region within APANA if we all continue to work together we can dramatically increase our membership in coming months and build this region into one of the strongest in the APANA network.

Carolyn Baird
Regional Co-ordinator
Hunter APANA