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2008/2009 has been a very quiet year for Hunter APANA. Over the course of the year, the region is down 9 members, having lost 10 members, but gaining 1. Fortunately, the majority of the 10 lost members were "APANA Only" members. As a result of member loss, we were able to cancel another dial-in line, thus cutting Hunter APANA's costs. Although we were dangerously below our set limits at the end of the financial year, overdue members paid their fees in the early days afterwards, thus bringing Hunter APANA back "into the black". At the moment, we are debating cutting another dial-in line, but nothing has been set into stone at this point as there are still two members that are likely to renew. As it stands, we are biding our time to see what happens before making any decisions on the matter.

The ongoing problems with the ADSL modem were creating concern, but with thanks to the generosity of South Australia's loan of a trial ADSL modem, these concerns are at this point of time, at worst, a non-issue. The regional co-ordinator and deputy co-ordinator have continued fixing computers for members, however activity in this regard has decreased in comparison to that in previous years. It is unclear at this point of time whether this is the result of declining membership or a raised awareness of ongoing computer maintenance procedures by Hunter APANA's members.

Hunter APANA has ended the year with 22 members, with finances at a stable level. Of Hunter's 22 members, only 4 use the dial-in lines, with one member using the ECN dial-in. One member uses UUCP, with six members using mail-news, two ethernet-connected members, two members that continue to take advantage of Hunter APANA's webhosting service, and six "APANA Only" members Hunter APANA's bottom line is constantly being monitored to ensure that it remains a viable region.

Helen Donaldson
Regional Coordinator
Hunter APANA