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Hunter has been fairly quiet this year. Regrettably, Hunter has lost several members. Although some new members were gained, these gains were in insufficient numbers to offset the region's losses. The majority of members that Hunter has lost were APANA members only, so this did not impact significantly on Hunter's financial situation until the later months of this year. We have now reached the point where Hunter's lost members have affected the region's finances, and the decision was made to migrate as many of our remaining members to the ECN dial-ups as possible, so that the number of Hunter's dial-in lines could be reduced.

There are three reasons for taking this course of action:

1. To assist other regions in turn by sharing the port costs.
2. To reduce expenditure on Hunter's own lines.
3. To save costs on hardware replacement, as the majority of Hunter's modems have lasted beyond their life expectancy.

At the beginning of this year, Hunter had a number of problems with their network machines. This was rectified when a number of machines were donated to the region. Some income was gained from computer repairs, however the amount gained is lower than that of the previous year. At this point in time, our primary concern involves the consolidation of Hunter's network machines, so as to reduce electricity maintenance costs.

Though Hunter is still a viable region, recent concerns have caused problems for both its members and management. There will be opportunities throughout the current year to boost income for the region via computer repairs, and we can only hope that this will be enough to keep the Hunter region afloat in spite of member losses.

Helen Donaldson
Regional Coordinator
Hunter APANA