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Membership has remained relatively stable throughout the year, with a reasonable retention rate. However, increased costs have impacted and the region is in a financial deficit. This has prompted a number of measures to rein in spending and reduce expenses; such as consolidation of hub machines and changeover to ECN for dialup services.

Our hub equipment has been aging, and failures have prompted replacement with new and donated parts when required. The changeover to ECN by many of the dialup members has prompted reassessment of the current hub configuration, and changes are planned to consolidate. It is anticipated that by the end of the first half of 2008, with continued success of the ECN deal, regular dialup connections to the hub will not be required.

Having the hub located in the same house as two of our Admin team has allowed quick response to problems. Additionally, Carolyn has continued to assist a number of members who have required help to remove viruses and fix other problems with their machines. Chris has been busy maintaining the software and hardware. Once again, I would like to thank the hub team on behalf of the membership for their continued efforts to maintain the region's services.

In conclusion, the region is in a reasonably stable financial position but more must be done to meet its goals of retaining and improving membership and continuing to provide services to its members. Over the coming year the Hunter Region will continue to meet challenges, which I have no doubt will be handled with success.

Marc Walters
Regional Co-ordinator
Hunter APANA