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Over the past year the Hunter Region has remained viable financially and stable in membership numbers. The only problems which beset our network at various times throughout the year were related to equipment failures and the inadequacy of our Internet Service Provider to provide a 'quality' service.

  1. The latter has now been resolved by switching to using Internode as our ISP. This was finalised only a few days ago but already the difference has been commented on by one member who described her connection as 'smoother'.

  2. Problems with our hardware has seen all the machines on our network replaced or rebuilt at least once. Many of the modems have also had to be replaced with 'spares'. This was to be expected as all of our equipment and spare parts have been on the network for many years and came to us originally secondhand. Regardless we will continue to use older machines as I'm reliably informed that newer models would be less reliable (due to overheating) as witnessed with Kildall (the former ex-Wollongong server) which is currently the most troublesome of our machines.

  3. The region currently has 42 members made up of 16 dialins, 1 permanent, 1 uucp, 8 mail-news only, 2 ethernet, 4 organisations & 10 APANA members only.

  4. Overall there were 11 members who didn't renew this year, but this loss was offset by the region having gained 10 new members and therefore membership appears stable.

  5. Hunter has an anticipated monthly surplus of $38 for the coming year and a current record account balance of just under $2,000.

  6. Throughout the year I've been asked for help in fixing many computer related problems for members. On average I get a least one phone call @ week from a member needing help although in the past 3 weeks the average has been 2 @ day. There are still a few members with problems but I will attend to those as soon as possible.

I am optimistic that in the coming year the Hunter Region will be able to provide its members with a more stable connection than they've had in the past year.

Carolyn Baird
Regional Co-ordinator
Hunter APANA