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Despite an attempt at advertising in community newspapers, very few new members have been gained by that method. Hunter APANA member and National Treasurer) Carolyn Baird has been instrumental in gaining new members by fixing (where possible) PCS and otherwise being very helpful to new members. There are also plans to produce a "membership CD" for the use of new members, with config information and useful programs on. Membership levels remain steady, and are currently at about 43.

New Rates were set early in 2005, and are currently at:

  Dialups                              $10    / month
  Web Hosting / Mail / News Only        $4    / month
  Existing Permanent Connections       $19.75 / month
  New Permanent Connections            $29.50 / month + $55 connection fee
  Super - Leech                        $67.50 / month
  Double mailing Connection            $10    / month

NETCENTRAL was dropped for ADSL and replaced with SIS GROUP, which was cheaper and also did subnet-routing.

A Web Page redesign was implemented for manually created pages. The redesign is CSS based and is intended to make most pages easier to read and navigate, including better access for disabled users.

Modems give periodical dial-up problems, but have been replaced when needed. Bombadil has become erratic and will be scheduled to be replaced soon.

There have been SPAM e-mail attacks, and AOL was refusing mail briefly. Sybas got trojanized but was later fixed, after the firewall was toughened.

Hunter APANA, although a small region, has managed to retain stability in membership numbers, replace equipment, generally improve the service to members, and still (mostly) stay out of the red (helps having the Treasurer here)!

More effort has been required in maintaining the network due to security problems. Changes from FTP to SSH2 and to the firewall should have fixed this. Almost all machines (except GILES) have been upgraded. Modems are regularly reset in the mornings just in case of problems.

Non-local newsgroups are still unavailable due to problems with SISGroup.

Laura Seabrook
Regional Co-ordinator
Hunter APANA