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In September 2002 our System Administration team members Chris Baird and Peter Freye completed setting up and successfully tested automatic WWW browser configuration. This makes configuring WWW clients much easier for members.

This year was the 10th Anniversary from when a small group of local Internet enthusiasts, APANA/Newcastle, first organised a link to the local University to access email, and later news and local network access.

Our Annual General regional Meeting was held Sunday 20th October, 2002, at 2:00PM.

Throughout the 3rd Quarter 2002 and 1st Quater 2003 the hub location had intermittent electrical supply issues - mostly brownouts and spikes which was possibly causing many modem and PC failures and dropouts, several modems and power supplies were lost. In February 2003 the region purchased an Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), which was used to filter and protect the power supply for two of the machines and the modems. Equipment failures and dropouts noticably reduced after installation.

In December 2002 KaZaa (and AltNet) and other peer-peer file sharing services continued to cause network congestion, and the Admin's patience and skill was sorely tested in reigning in the more serious instances of excessive use. Thanks also to Carolyn for regularly evangelising the benefits of AdAware and other utilities that help identify and clear the range of SpyWare and StealthWare so predominant in recent years.

Ah, Telstra! The members of APANA Hunter region would benefit greatly by the installation of ADSL, and the hub is only 3.5 copper-kilometres from the exchange - which is not too far away. However, Telstra maintains that significant signal attenuation pushes us into a "rim" area, where the service cannot be guaranteed and they are not willing to spend technicians to find a solution. Carolyn has been on their case all year though, and we are still hopeful that one day soon the bandwidth problems associated with the incoming 56K link will be minimised.

Early 2003 saw the region dealing with a local community centre who needed assistance with their plans to make cheap ex-government PC systems available to low income families. The process is ongoing though, and still in early stages. It is this sort of cooperative venture with NPOs that shows how APANA can utilise its skills in helping like-minded community organisations.

The region currently comprises 44 APANA members - 26 dialin, 3 organisational, 1 permanent-connect, 3 uucp, 3 mail and news only, 2 ethernet-connected and 6 additional in household members. Our yearly income is $5,994 and yearly expenditure $5,431 (figures include GST) leaving a balance of $562 to cover miscellaneous regional expenses and increased charges for the next 12 months.


This month last year membership fees amounted to $974, expenditure $469 and cash balance $1066.

This year, fees were $674, expenditure $420 and cash balance $1049.

In conclusion, the most important issues currently facing the region are the need to increase membership, maintain our hardware, and provide enough bandwidth to satisfy our members' online activities.

Marc Walters
Regional Co-ordinator
Hunter APANA