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The past year in the Hunter Region has been relatively quiet compared to previous years. Since the network cabling and the modem on the ISP link was replaced around 6 months ago the network has been stable and running smoothly.

The main source of problems encountered during the year were from email virii, spambots and the use of download accelerator programs by members. Measures were taken by the Admin Team to try to limit the effect these have on our network. All members were encouraged to download AVG for antivirus protection if they didn't already have any; blocking of the IP addresses of the spambots is ongoing and members have been requested to limit the number of connections that any programs they use can make to 2 at a time.

Rising costs and under-utilization led to the cancellation of two dialin lines and a third line was transferred to National for use by the Treasurer as the APANA fax line.

Our membership is down 4 from this time last year, but our overall costs have been reduced and our income has remained at a level that allows the region's cash reserves to make a small financial gain each month and keep it in the black.

No major electrical supply problems have occurred since the computer circuit was isolated from the general household circuits 15 months ago.

The only equipment failures we've experienced in the past 12 months were one modem and cray's hard-drive which died last week.

Unlike previous years there has been few problems with our ISP link nearly all of which related to modem problems. Uptimes on all servers has seen them all running in excess of 120 days before regular maintenance checks or minor problems required them to be rebooted.

Most of the calls received from members have been concerned with alterations to their setup that prevented them from reconnecting or a hardware failure in their computer. In all cases their problems were resolved by either phone or hands-on help from another member or the loan/donation of spare regional equipment. In some instances the machines of members were brought to the hub and repaired by members of the Admin Team.

Thanks to members as forecast last year Hunter's finances have remained healthy throughout the year and in the coming year we may be in a position to either look at upgrading services for members or reducing their contributions towards maintaining existing services but these will only be possible if all members continue to provide the region with the financial support it needs to meet its monthly commitments.

The region currently comprises 47 APANA members - 28 dialin, 2 organisational, 4 permanent-connect, 4 uucp, 5 mail and news only, 2 ethernet-connected and 2 additional in household members. Our yearly income is $8,330 and yearly expenditure $6,133 (figures include GST) leaving a balance of $2,197 to cover miscellaneous regional expenses and increased charges for the next 12 months.

No advertising to recruit more members was undertaken during the year. Regardless we have continued to sign up new members who were referred to us by an existing member or a local non-profit organisation.

Hunter is no longer financially reliant on National APANA - the Regional Committee hopes to keep it that way.

Ross Slade (aka Cas)
Acting Regional Co-ordinator
Hunter APANA