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Meeting held at 7:30PM, at Andrew's home.

  1. Members present:
    • Matt McLeod
    • Andre van Eyssen
    • Carolyn Baird
    • Andrew Glazebrook
    • Gavin Condon

  2. Proxies/Apologies:
    • Jason Mulligan, appointed Andrew Glazebrook as proxy

  3. Reports:
    The Annual Report for 1996-97 was presented.

  4. Committee election:
    Regional Co-ordinator
    Only one nominiation - Matt McLeod. Elected unopposed
    Deputy Regional Co-ordinator
    • Carolyn Baird, one vote
    • Andrew Glazebrook, two votes
    • Andre van Eyssen, three votes
    Other Members
    Carolyn Baird and Andrew Glazebrook elected unopposed